Essential for life

Getting to know Hydrogen

In this section you will learn why hydrogen is needed in your body to live. The atomic number of Hydrogen is 1. There is 1 proton, 1 electron and 0 neutrons. This element is odorless and colorless and has the lowest density of all gases.

RDA of hydrogen and why we need it

Technically there is no specific amount of hydrogen you are required to take in daily. It is found mainly combined with oxygen in the form of water. You need water to live to keep your cells hydrated. Hydrogen also helps toxins and wastes leave the body. Nutrients are able to be transported to the cells that need them and your body's immune system is able to send defensive cells to fight off infection causing bacteria and viruses.


Supplements or vitamins?

You can not find supplements or vitamins in the pharmacy to get hydrogen into your system. The only real way to stay hydrated is to drink just enough water daily, about eight glasses a day.


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