Eating Disorders

By: Noah Hilgemann

Learning about Eating Disorders

There are good reasons as to why we should learn about eating disorders. We need to know the symptoms so that we can help people who are suffering from these illnesses. If we know what an eating disorder looks like, we can help stop one from getting worse.

Why do these Eating Disorders Happen?

Eating disorders happen because of different reasons for different people, also depending on the type of eating disorder. For example, the common reason for Anorexia is related to self-esteem related issues. Most of these people are too worried about their image, their weight, and how they view themselves.These people feel they are judged just by their appearance, but they should really be judged on the kind of person they are.Other reasons

Why do these People Feel so Insecure?

The main reason people feel insecure about their weight and image is mostly related to the media, and how they want to look like people they see. Over 80% of Americans watch TV on an average for 3 hours each per every day. When people are exposed to these high beauty standards, they will try anything to look like them, and strive to look as beautiful as these other people.

How do these People Try to Accomplish Their Goal?

When people are Bulimic, they tend to throw up or use laxatives to get rid of both healthy and unhealthy foods. Throwing up even unhealthy foods is bad for you. All foods provide some sorts of sustenance that provides for your body. Getting rid of that food is just as harming to your body as throwing away healthy food.

How can YOU Help?

Be a role model for these people. Show them that there are other ways of losing weight if that is really the way they want to go. Show them that over-eating, not eating, or throwing up food is more unhealthy for you then what they think they're trying to do to their body. Always stand by them and be the strongest support you can be.