Toxicology and chemistry

By: Eliza Yrlas B5


Blandy Trail

Mary Blandy poisoned her father francis, with arsenic. she clamed that it was a love potion that would make her father approve of her relationship with William Henry. She was later sent to trial and was hung because of the crime.

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Marsh test of 1836

James marsh was an English chemist who developed the marsh test for detecting arsenic. He was inspired to develop the testing, after a trial where he was unable to prove the victim was poised by arsenic due to poor testing methods.


What is a controlled substance?

Controlled substances are drugs that have some potential for abuse or dependence. These drugs are regulated by the federal controlled substances act this law help the us government fight against drug abuse.

What is The Federal Analog act

Is a section of the united states controlled substances act allowing any chemical substantially similar to an illegal drug to be treated as if it were also in schedule I or II, but only if it is intended for human consumption. The banned substance are often called designer drugs or research chemicals.
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