Employee of the Year


We are pleased extend a huge congratulations to Ms Sabrina for being LGTH's Employee of the Year for 2014!

Sabrina has been with LGTH for about a year and a half and has proven herself to be an essential part of our team! She is an extremely hard-worker and her positivity can be felt throughout our school each day. Her coworkers wrote the following about her:

" For all her hard work and keeping a smile on her face! She is kind to everyone, doesn't gossip, and is always willing to help out!"

"She is consistent and reliable."

"She works so hard and the kids love to see her. She is awesome!"

"She goes above and beyond for everyone. She gets so much done everyday for one person."

"Overall, she brings a happy, positive spirit into work each day!"

Congratulations again, Sabrina, and thank you for all that you do for LGTH!

Your directors,

Erin, Melissa, and Jennifer