Grade 6 Parent Orientation

...from Donald F. Gately Ed.D.

January 8, 2020

Parent Information Manual

This manual has more information than you will ever need ... but take a look anyway! Includes Student Code of Conduct, telephone directory and the bell schedule.

Club Calendar

Lots of clubs for kids to participate in after school. Here's the link to the club calendar. Kids don't have to "join"... they can show up any time they like.

Important Information

This page includes all kinds of useful links.: supply lists, class lists, team chart, VALUE Form (for community service), e-mail addresses, extra help schedules... and MUCH more!

Resources on Middle School Grading

At the middle school we use a "standards based grading approach". You can find information about MS grading on the website.

Class Listing

With your permission, we include your child in a directory of the kids in each grade (name, address, phone numbers). Can be very useful but you have to send in a form for your child's info to be included. This form is available at the link. Also, can only be accessed with Jericho user ID and password.

MS Schedule Components

Here are the classes your child will take in Middle School...

Jericho Middle School

You're going to LOVE middle school!!! There are lots of resources on our website.... We've linked to some highlights above.