Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 4.16.18

The Week at a Glance


Great job last week with the drills. We appreciate your attention to details and supporting the process. Nathan did a tremendous job! We now shift our attention to testing and master schedule. Few reminders for the week:

1. We will begin SBAC testing in the English classes. Students who have opted out of the test will be in the library. Nathan will have some reminders for the English teachers tomorrow as they begin the testing journey. Let's support the kids this week and remind them that this test gives us just another lens to look at achievement.

2. I met with district architects this week and we are looking at a number of items including getting more shaded structures and more parking areas for teachers. I will update you more as I get more information.

3. We are getting closer to starting the master schedule with class requests being updated as well as our newest enrollment number coming to light. Looks like we are at about 1800.

4. I will be sending out FAC notes once we get an update on a few items.

5. on 4/20 there is a planned student walkout. It is supposed to be for high school students. I will give your more information later this week. We have been in contact with the district. I do not anticipate our students participating and I will not be advertising the event with the students.

5. Thanks for coming out to the last social luncheon. The next one is scheduled for April 20th and we will have Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Lefty's! Only $5 a slice. They are huge slices! Order form is right here ... Pizza. It's due by Wednesday!

6. HELP! The Eastlake Education Foundation is sponsoring the Cycle Eastlake event coming up in May. The Eastlake Foundation is a great source of support for our school community. We hope you consider joining the ride, sponsoring the event or volunteering. See the flyers below.

As always, thanks for the great work that you are doing with our students and community!

Our Students!

Adelante Mujer!

ELM hosted this year's Adelante Mujer Conference. It was inspiring to see so many great future women leaders! A special thanks to Courtney Quinn and our custodial staff for making our site available at the last minute for the conference and supporting the organizers! The keynote speaker was Martha Juarez... a SUHSD grad whose husband is a teacher in the district.
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Unified Sports

We had a great time with our unified sports event vs BVM. The principal of BVM and I had a little fun with it. As we came up a little short, I was responsible for wearing the Crusader of the Week shirt!
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Talent Show!

Way to go Molly and the ASB! We had a great talent show night. Love how talented our kids are at ELM!

Cycle Eastlake

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Your Legacy

Ted Talks Education

If you have an hour (I know... who has an hour these days?), but if you have a moment... check out this Ted Talk Series. Quite reflective. Also... there are several of you that I am going to ask to please submit your legacy statement. I want to know what you are passion about in education! We will use these statements at the beginning of the next school year.