Crosby Scholars Advisor Meetings

4 meetings per grade - at each High School!

Happy Thanksgiving!

When you return from Thanksgiving break, this year's Crosby Scholars Grade Advisor Meetings will begin. Meetings vary per school, but are typically once a month from December-April. Meetings at Salisbury & North will be held after-school, while meetings at Carson will be during CATS, East & West will be during ILT, South will be during South Block, and RCEC will be held during lunch. See you there!

What are Grade Advisor Meetings?

High School Crosby Scholars have the opportunity to meet for important discussions and activities focused on building a foundation of knowledge for senior year and preparation for the college admission process. Four Grade Advisor Meetings are held for each grade level at each high school, with a Crosby Scholars staff member and a volunteer Advisor. A copy of any handout materials will be made available online. Students don't need to register for Grade Advisor Meetings, however, attendance is taken and recorded in the Crosby Scholars portal. Advisor Meetings are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged!