Navigating the College Application

Are you confused about applications? Join us this summer!


I propose to give juniors the skills to learn how to do their college applications. This year I am a senior, I have no idea how to do an application. When do I send my transcript? How do I send my ACT Scores? Why does this all cost so much? Can it cost less?

I want people to use this as a workshop, in the summer between their junior and senior years so when they start early enrollments in the fall they know what they are doing. There are no questions on how to write an essay about themselves, they already have basic one.

This can easily been done here at the school, using as a day workshop with different centers. Such as,

  • How to write an essay about yourself - possibly including how personality tests can be helpful in determining what to write
  • Understanding the Common Application
  • Keeping Organized through the stress
  • Talk with graduates and view example essays

Ideally this would be done early in the fall on a saturday or during the summer

Cassie Ethridge