Cheltenham Elementary School

DOLPHIN TIMES- November 16-20

Student Council Induction Assembly

Our 2015-16 Student Council representatives were inducted during an assembly on Nov. 12th. Student Council representatives entered the auditorium waving American flags and learning about what it means to be a school leader. Mr. Perez spoke to the students about five principles of leadership. All of the student representatives took the student council pledge to promise to be good role models, support fellow students, and to be responsible leaders. We would like to thank Mrs. Jacob and Mrs. Tobar for their support of our student council.

Talented CES First Grader Performs at Carnegie Hall

On November 1st, our very own Chrysn Harp, 1st grader, performed at Carnegie Hall with rapper Thee Phantom and the ILL Harmonic Orchestra. The performance was part of a fundraiser for VH1 Save the Music. There were about 500 people in attendance. We are very proud of Chrysn and excited she had this wonderful opportunity.

CES student artwork on Display at Administration Building

Cheltenham Elementary students artwork is on display at the Administration Building. Mrs. Pellish-White and Mrs. Hall have done an amazing job of showing off our students artistic skills. The artwork will be on display for the month of November.

Dear Mr. Perez....

"Good Morning Mr. Perez,

I am writing this email to commend Mrs. Seeton. She is doing wonderful things in her classroom. I realize that your job is very busy so you may not know all that is going on in everyone's classroom. However, I felt that there were some things you must know about Mrs. Seeton's classroom. She teaches the curriculum diligently. In addition, she recognizes that education goes far beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. Just yesterday, she welcomed my husband (a 22 year veteran in the AF) into her classroom to be a guest reader. He was able to share with the children the meaning of Veteran's Day and the high cost of freedom. AND- Last month her students made bracelets for orphans and sick children in Haiti. The bracelets were delivered directly to those children in Haiti and were well received. My mother (who delivered the bracelets while on a medical mission) is looking forward to reporting back to the class about her trip and sharing the struggles that Haitian children must live with daily. These are lessons you can't learn from a book. Mrs. Seeton knows that and acts on it. She is a treasure to Cheltenham Elementary School and my son is blessed to be in her class.

Have a great day!"

Mrs. Jocelyn Hoffman-Parent


Fourth grade students at Cheltenham Elementary will join fourth graders from the other elementary schools and area schools at a special children’s concert performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. This exciting program entitled “Play Us a Story: Peter, the Wolf and Friends” will be held at the Kimmel Center Tuesday morning, November 17, 2015. This concert will “allow our students to learn how music and art help us to understand ourselves and the world around us.”

The performance features Peter and the Wolf, a musical tale composed by Sergei Prokofiev that has entertained and educated audiences for almost 80 years. In addition, parts from Three Fun Fables will feature some of Aesop’s classic tales. Appearances by musical characters, including a dog, a tortoise, a hare, a wolf, a duck, a cat, a bird and a boy named Peter will sure to entertain.

Your Voice is Needed in Planning for our Future!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our School District is currently invested in strategic planning. It is incredibly important that we hear from as many of our our stakeholders as possible as we move forward and shape our educational future. With that in mind, we have decided to re-open our survey submission window. If you have not done so already, I ask that you please take time to personally fill out a survey between today and November 30. Your voice is a critical element of our planning process, and we do not want it to go unheard. A survey link can be found at the bottom of this message. The link also appears on the main page of the district's website. Thank you so much for filling out a survey. I am very hopeful that the parent/guardian voice of our school will be a strong and influential part of our District's strategic plan.

Heritage Night 2015 - November 20th at 6:00pm

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at your 3rd annual Heritage Night on Friday November 20th at 6:00pm. Our 2014 Heritage Night was a wonderful event filled with music, dancing, food, and fun. We are hoping that Heritage Night 2015 is even better. If you are planning on hosting a table at Heritage Night and we still haven’t heard from you, this is your chance. Please let us know by Monday, November 2nd if you will be hosting a table. We want as many families as we can get for this amazing event.

CES First Grade Recycling Project

FIRST GRADE IS IN IT TO WIN IT - FOR CES AND THE ENVIRONMENT! YOU CAN HELP US AND YOUR HOUSEHOLDS BY REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF JUNK MAIL THAT YOU RECEIVE FOR FREE! In order to track how many signups are gathered by Cheltenham Elementary, you will need to visit the Philadelphia Zoo’s website to submit your information: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!