Invisibility Awareness!

By: Tori Colella

What is Invisibility?

Invisibility is not just about the superpower that most people will with for when they are little. Sometimes invisibility happens to you even when you dont wish for it. Many adults and chilldren become invisible and its not the physical super power kind of invisivle its the people dont notice me kind of invisivle. Invisibility is about not being noticed by other people

Sources from our Gallery Walk (multimedia examples of invisibility)

In a poem about invisibilty it was talking about an unknown person who talks about how he or she about always dreaming of getting a superpower and that power being invisible (rxsemery 3). Meanwhile when he or she actually felt invisible from the people surrounding him/her when he/she was older. This multimedia poem has to do with invisibility because it shows that people don't actually have to be physically invisible to not be seen and noticed.

“The Circuit” - autobiographical short story

In this article called The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez it talks and tells about how a young boy is invisible. It talks about how not being able to voice your opinion is another factor of invisibility and that not being able to speak up or not being able to voice your opinion is a major part of invisibility. The narrator in this article is the boy that is invisible and was no able to voice his opinion which put him in the position of invisibility. The young boy in this always felt that it was unfair to always make him have to move. He felt this was unfair because when ever they moved somewhere and got enrolled in a new school his family would only stay there until the season was over or in other words until the work season was over which means that his family has to move onto a new place and find more and new work. The boy always wanted to voice his opinion on being able to stay even though he new hey weren't able to since they aren't citizens, but he wanted to be able to stay because he would be able to just start in a new school meet new kids and start to learn new things. But as soon as he started to like the teacher and like the other kids and finally start enjoying what he was learning the season would end up being over and would have to pack up and leave the school. For the rest of the month I spent my lunch hours working on English (Francisco Jimenez 6). This article explains that not being able to voice your thoughts or opinion is another major part of invisibility.

Whole class novel - Things Not Seen (Remember: This novel is fiction!)

In the book Things not seen it tells the story of a boy named Bobby who becomes physically invisible. In this story he meets a blind girl who also experiences invisibility. And in the story Bobby meets another women who is also physically invisible. In the story Bobby is able to go through days experiencing true indivisibility meaning that no one can see him at all. But his friend Alicia the blind girl experiences invisibility because she has to go through her life not being able to see anything. This is a part of invisibility because most people will think that since she is blind she will stand out more and more people will focus on her and pay attention to her, but that always is not always the case. It is not always the case because sometimes when she is walking on the side walk people will bump into her and she will drop her stuff and since people don't always realize she is blind they will just keep walking. That's another example of how people can experiences invisibility. A girl names Sheila is the only lady that Bobby met that is also physically invisible.Sheila said that when she was visible she was slowly becoming invisible and slowly dieing because of many other things. I started disappearing a long time before this happened to me. If it hasn't been this, I would have disappeared some other way. Booze or drugs maybe, maybe three more bad boyfriends-- that would have done it (Andrew Clements 238). So first Sheila wants to be forgotten because she would have died a slow painful death but when this happened she was able to disappear all at once. These are all examples of how people experience different ways of invisibility.