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The CAD Room: Diligent, Deliverance, Advanced and Industrious

The CAD room provides a complete range of outsourcing services that includes 3D modeling, 2D services, BIM services and many others. The main objective is to ensure that each and every client receives the best possible level of service that will exactly meet their needs. The project and design management teams of The CAD Room have been continuously involved in innovating CAD drawings and services and also BIM services in the manufacturing and construction industries since 2003. With the advent of CAD services, architects, engineers, builders are able to bring life to their idea with clear visualization. All this has not only resulted in better efficiency and productivity, but the overall cost of the process has also reduced considerably.

Each member of The CAD Room team is continuously trained to use latest technology that includes up to date software and processes also, all of which are protected by top security systems and thus they play an important role in the success of The CAD Room.

The other aspect which makes The CAD Room one of the best is its global reach and deep understanding of the demands of the market when it comes to the building industry. It uses the latest CAD drawings software by the name of Revit. CAD or Computer Aided Design came into existence as early as in the 1970s, but it was not until 2002 that the term came to be used popularly. It was with Auto desk that this term came and later became the official name for the process of creating a digital representation of any building or place.

CAD drawings contain and model information about any new building which is yet to be made, the basics of the design to the materials required and how any addition would fit into the building is all taken care of understood beforehand through these digital representations. By incorporating BIM into the project, this information can be taken, stored and utilized through the complete life cycle of the building, and in it lays the foundation for cost savings and reductions from foundation stone to demolition day.

The CAD Room is a firm adept in a full range of CAD and BIM solutions, based in the UAE and the UK they are able to bring the very highest level of CAD and BIM expertise to any project. Their commitment to its clients and their quality, efficiency and expertise in design, all within a budget and a timescale that suits the developer means they are at the forefront of the industry.