4 Green Hotels

Around the world

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Ink48 (Kimpton Hotel)

This hotel uses nontoxic cleaning chemicals, organic coffee, minimal water consumption, and they recycle excessively. They have also partnered with The Nature Conservancy to take their well doing outside of the hotel. When you buy a room 10% of it goes to the organization to help.


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Orchid Hotel (Mumbai)

This hotel has solid waste management, is energy efficient, it conserves and preserves water, has a commitment to the environment, and they educate their staff on the eco friendly-ness. This hotel is one of the top 6 world-wide to be known to be ecofriendly.


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Gites petite paradise

They are an eco friendly hotel in France. They have solar panels and they also take dietary action by eating more healthy than just being eco friendly. They take action to reduce oil/gas, conserve heat and use biodegradable cleaning products.


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Urban hotel (China)

They are the first hotel in China to be eco friendly. They conserve water and heat along with using more clean cleaning products so their staff doesn't get sick. They re-use toilet paper and make sure that everyone gets a little more eco friendly in China.