Student Athlete Compensation

Robert McNair

Compensating student athletes is very important to the health and safety of the players. Should schools compensate student athletes at the collegiate level?


Some schools say to not compensate athletes because they have already paid them in part of there scholarship. This might be true, but money from a scholarship is to just pay to attend the school, the players cannot spend the money.


There have been many reports of players complaining about being hungry after/before practice and not having money to buy anything to eat. They would get a job to support themselves, but coaches demand complete commitment to the team, so players don't have time for a job between school and athletics.

Advertisement and Media Rights

Everyday, college sports stars see there faces on things like build boards, commercials, shoe advertisements and newspapers. They even sell the players jerseys, but the players never get a dime of what is made off them. The least schools and the NCAA can do is pay these players at least $2,000 over the course of a semester, this would give the players spending cash, and an opportunity to manage there money.
NCAA Football Advertisement

This is another example of the NCAA using the faces of college players and them not getting a dime of what was made.

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