Jonathan Daniels

What is this disease?

Chickenpox is a sickness caused by a virus called varicella zoster.


Chickenpox affects more than 40 million people a year. Around 78 percent of affected people are children and teens

Signs and symptoms

the most prominent indication of chicken pox is of course the rash which has three phases , raised pink or red bumps that form all over the skin over the first several days of infection. Then the second phase which is called vesicles and is formed when the raised bumps turn into fluid filled blisters and usually only last a day before breaking and releasing the built up fluid. The third and final form of the rash is crusts and scabs which form because of the broken blisters and they take several days to heal. The rash and child or adult are not contagious once the rash appears. They are only contagious 48 hours before the rash appears. Other symptoms and signs include, fever, loss of appetite , tiredness and fatigue, and a feeling unwell in general.


For one with chicken pox you will probably feel very itchy for 7-10 days because that is how long chickenpox usually last for. You will also feel very tired and hot or cold depending on how you react to a fever. There is no cure however there is a vaccine.

Why we should know about this disease

The reason we should know about this disease is because it affects people every day and on day it could be one of us so we need to know how to protect ourselves and others and be prepared if we get infected.
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