University of Northern Philippines


University of Northern Philippines : Anybody who wants to do higher studies is constantly in search of a university which is modern, accredited and has effective placements.

Who would not want world class instruction to empower himself for sustainable development? With the university playing a vital role in one’s academic career, one needs to choose wisely an institution which structurally shapes the essential part of higher instruction.

Marianas is one the best medical insititute in phillipines that provides a strong culture of USMLE preparation and gives largest supplier doctors ans nurses to USA.

Marianas education is Attempting to give Indian students to do the the mbbs which they deserve in phillipines.

Since the MBBS seat in India is very limited, and the number of students want to do MBBS is unlimited. so the only solution to study mbbs is, move to abroad and start studying MBBS with the full and enthusiastic and fell as our country.