Our Declration

Our declration of independence


My society is equal and comforting. You can earn money by doing your job and at the end of the year if you have been really good or really nice you get a money bonus. Everyone has a pet, it is free to care for your pet (which means you don't pay for hospital bills or for food and it is illegal with a penalty of death to purposely harm a pet (with the except of hospitals. Everyone is cared for equally. No one is homeless. School is fun and you can choose your schedule but you have to have the 4 base subjects at least once a day. the minimum wage is $5 an hour and the max is $100 an hour. There is one ruler that "cares" for everyone. There is a point system and you earn points by doing your work and being good/nice. If you have at lest 2000 points you are eligible to be the next ruler. when a ruler is chosen the first thing he does is choose the next ruler. If you are chosen to be the next ruler you leave your school and start your special training and when the current ruler dies you become the ruler and the first thing you do is choose the next ruler and that happens forever.