Survival Guide

for the Mojave Dessert - Las Vegas

Climate, Geography, and Lacation

The climate of the Mojave Dessert's climate is dry tropical and the average temperature in the winter is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer it is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you were wondering what continent the Mojave Dessert is located in North America.

Four Steps Needed to Survive

If you want to make it out of the Mojave Dessert you first will need to build a shelter home out of sticks and cactus. Then you will need loose fit clothes so that you don't get very hot. Next you will need to bring a gun or knife so that you can get water from the cactus and kill animals for food.
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Animal Life

The animals that you will be able to see are Golden Eagle, Mule Deer, and Black-tailed Jackrabbit. The black-tailed Jackrabbit is really good for food it will not harm you but it is not ever likely to hurt you.

Plant Life

Some plants that you might are Dessert Paint Brush, The Creosote Tree, and The Joshua Tree. You can not eat this plant but it is full of water. It is not poisonous.