Kermit Junior High

ELAR Support Day #4, 11/12/15

Check In:

Take a moment to complete the following anonymous survey for Region 18 to check in and provide some feedback.

Recall previous dates here: and

Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters

Proposed Agenda:

  • What's working? What's not?: Check in regarding discussed strategies and ideas
  • Review end of six weeks assessments
  • Break down of released STAAR tests by thinking required
  • Discuss whole class instruction idea
  • PLAN & solve the world's problems together :)
What Do You See in These Data?

Data Review: Asking Five Times Why

  • Recall the data video
  • Review end of six weeks assessments
  • Assess where we are: why, why, why, why, why
  • Create a data driven plan from here

STAAR Released Questions Sort

Released STAAR Questions Analysis & Sort:

  • REVIEW the questions from last year’s STAAR and EOC exams
  • Determine the type of THINKING required to answer each question.

  • SORT questions and CREATE CATEGORIES that indicate the thinking required to answer the question

Question: where do we go from here? How will your instructional practices and lesson plans shift to push students’ thinking?

TEKS Resource System Updates

  • Resources: STAAR question stems
  • Coming Soon! STAAR question analysis

Resource: PBS NewsHour Extra

Use for informational text, make connections to teach the "whole cookie"

Getting Out of the Way:

#notalkWC No Talk Whole Class

Read Alice Keeler's blog post and challenge regarding student centered classrooms here

The Future of Learning: Sugata Mitra

See the full 2013 TED Talk here

Additional clip regarding the hole in the wall here

Productivity Pro Tip: Screencasting to Save your Life

Use the Google Chrome Extension: Snagit

Use the Snagit Chrome Extension for taking screenshots, quick screencast videos, and create gifs...and it's FREE.

Ideas: GT extension, class procedures, flipped tutorials, comments & feedback


Your Task:
  • Choose to infuse at least ONE strategy, resource, or tool into lesson plans for the upcoming week before Thanksgiving break.
  • Post your idea here and we'll review how it went after the break:

Throught the Lens of a Scorer: EOC English Edition

Thursday, December 10th 3:30pm to 5:30pm; register here (it's free!)

Save the Dates:

Remember we'll be meeting again:

  • Monday, 11/30
  • Monday, 1/11