Rules for parents

by Brendan Simpson

Rule #1

Don't text and drive you'll kill innocents and possible your self
StopTAD- Stop Texting And Driving

Rule #2

think about your messages (facebook twiter) before you send them other whys you might be blackmailed
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Rule #3

watch what your children are doing online

Rule #4

don't give to much information online or somebody could find you
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Rule #5

protect your computer from hackers

Rule #5

don't talk to strangers online they could be planning something
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Rule #6

obey copyright laws or suffer the consequences

Rule #7

be appropriate it could come back to bite you
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Rule #8

stay as yourself don't try to be someone else

Rule #9

watch out for rats they could be watching

rule #10

don't be a troll nobody likes trolls
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