PGMS Newsletter 5th Grade Edition

March 2019

Principal's Message

Dear Fifth Grade Students and Parents:

This school year is quickly coming to an end and already we here at the middle school are looking forward to having you join us next year. We are beginning to plan for your arrival and want you to know how happy we are that you will join our school in only a few months.

We are visiting you this week at your school to talk with you about middle school and what you can expect next year.

As a sixth grader, you will take subjects similar to the ones you take now. Everyone takes English, History, Science, Math and P.E. For your elective class, you may choose to take instrumental music (band or strings), chorus, or the exploratory rotation cycle. The cycle classes are art, keyboarding, STEM, and home economics. Each of those classes lasts one quarter, and then you rotate to the next class. The biggest difference having to do with classes in middle school is that you will have several different teachers.

Here are some other things that are different about middle school. You will be assigned a hall locker for storing your books and belongings.

In P.E., you will be assigned a P.E. locker because everyone wears a uniform for P.E. and you will be required to change clothes. During morning break and lunch, you may bring your snacks and lunch from home or buy it from the cafeteria.

Parents, I would like to invite you to our Orientation Night on Wednesday, April 3, at 6:00 pm, in the Middle School Auditorium. Then, at 7 pm, you are invited to attend our Open House. We encourage you and your student to stay and look around the classrooms. Please put this date on your calendar.

In April and May, we will send via email a 5th-grade edition school newsletter for you and your parents to read. On Friday, May 24, the entire fifth grade will be invited to visit the middle school for a couple of hours, talk with some students here and take a tour of the school.

I hope you are all having a good year and that you are looking forward to middle school next year. It is an exciting time for you and your family. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


Sean Roach


5th- Grade Parent Orientation, Wed. Apr. 3

Parents of current 5th-grade students are encouraged to attend with their student. We will be combining 5th Grade Parent Orientation with our Open House night on Wednesday, April 3. Beginning at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium, 5th-grade parents and students will be given information about the middle school, Outdoor Science School and can ask questions. At 6:30 pm, you will be dismissed to attend the Open House and see what's going on at PGMS.

Outdoor Science School

Here is a little information about Outdoor Science School for the incoming 6th graders. Just to give you an idea of how much it is, the fee last year was $370 (we are not sure how much the fee will be this year). If your student wants to go, you are responsible for payment. The students leave here on a Tuesday and return on Friday at noon. We should have more information about Outdoor Science at our Registration Round-up at the end of July.

Sports Physicals

Per Board Policy, students must have a current sports physical on file in the office before a student can try-out or practice a PGMS Sport (this does not apply to the Physical Education class). Please make sure your student has a current sports physical. The physical form is available online.

No Sports Physical on file = No Tryouts.

• Fall Sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country

• Late Fall & Winter Sport: Basketball

• Spring Sports: Golf, Wrestling, Track & Field, Tennis

• Cheer is available all year.

It really helps if your student turns in their physical at the beginning of school year. Sometimes the announcements of try-outs and practices are a few days before they happen. Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country usually happen within the first two weeks of school starting. If you have any questions please contact Apple in the office, or 831-646-6568.

Community Service Hours

As most of you are aware, our district has a Community Service promotion requirement for 8th graders. They need to earn 16 hours of community service during their time at PGMS. 6th and 7th graders can put themselves ahead of the game by starting their Community Service hours now. They can complete all 16 hours before 8th grade if they desire. Community Service hours need to be completed with non-profit organizations. If you have any questions about whether or not an activity will be accepted by the school, please email Janie Lawrence,, or call 646-6568 ext. 304.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The conferences at the middle school are targeted to only those students who are behind, generally students who are receiving D's and F's. If there is space available conferences are made, per parent request, for students who are doing well in class. Every student will not need a conference.


Your student will continue to use the same PIN he/she is using now throughout high school. Students will be able to purchase food during break time and then again at lunchtime. If you have an ezschoolpay account, you can use that same account for middle school and high school. Here is what the lunch menu looks like for this year.

Parent Student Handbook

I need to pick up my child early from school, what do I need to do?

You will have to come to the office and sign your student out. We will ask for a picture ID so please have it with you. Teachers will not release the student unless they receive a pass from the office. You have several options:

1. You can send a note with your child to give to the office. It is your student's responsibility to remember to bring it to the office.

2. You can call the office on the day of to let us know.

3. You can come to the office to let us know when you sign them out.

My child is going to be absent, who do I need to notify?

Please call the office at 831-646-6568 or email Robin Cochran at After hours, you can leave a message at ext. 305. If you email the teachers, please make sure to contact the office as well. Official Homework Requests are made if the student misses three consecutive school days.