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The Upstate Splash is a Smashing Success

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Thank you to our hosts, Greenville Splash

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Making Waves in Our Community

Greenville Splash swimmers are continuing to give back to our community by hosting the Upstate Splash Charity Open Water Swim at Lake Jocassee. Our second annual event was a huge success in so many ways. We had over 30 swimmers from our team that participated as volunteers and another 40 swimmers swam in our event. Thank you so much to all that came out and participated. We raised money to provide swim lessons for children in need. Lessons have already begun at Westside Aquatic Complex.

Check out the calendar section of the website or facebook for more information about our USMS club. We always welcome all swimmers to any of our workouts, events and socials. Join the fun!

Facebook Links:

Greenville Splash

Upstate Splash Charity

8th Annual Thanksgiving Workout

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 11am-2pm

2700 West Blue Ridge Drive

Greenville, SC

Come join us for our oldest and most popular team tradition. We will swim 100 x 100's, 75's or 50's all on the same interval. There will be music and prizes!

Upcoming Events

Nov 19

8th Annual Thanksgiving Workout at Westside Aquatic Complex

Start the holidays with our big team tradition. 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

To ensure enough lane space, please RSVP with Coach Leslie Scott if you plan to attend:

Cost: Westside Aquatic Complex: $8.00 for non-members

Greenville Splash Members: Free, Non-members: $10

Nov 20

SCY Masters Eastern Invitational, Greensboro, NC

Click here to register

Nov 25

Black Friday Workout at the Kroc 10:00 - 11:00 am. Skip the stores and come workout with us instead! Use your free pass from the Upstate Splash or ask Leslie for a pass.

Dec 2-4

South Carolina SCM State Championships, Columbia, SC

We have many swimmers planning to go, come and join us! Online entries due by 11/26

Click here to register

Dec 10

Greenville Splash Annual Christmas Party

At the home of Rick and Carolyn Moore. More details coming soon.

Jan 21-22

Sunbelt SCY Championships, Charlotte, NC

This is our Big Team Event. We are the meet champs 5 years running! Save this date!

Feb 4

USMS One Hour Swim at Westside Aquatic Complex

Feb 10-12

South Carolina SCY State Championships, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Swimmer of the Month: Bob McAdam

Congratulations to Bob for being our swimmer of the month for his dedication to staying fit through Masters swimming. Bob lives in Dawsonville, Georgia and came into town for business. He visited us for a few workouts at Westside Aquatic Complex and the friendly folks of Greenville Splash enticed him to join us! Now he drives one a half hours to make it to Saturday morning workouts. So just when you think you have to wake up early on Saturdays, think about Bob! Bob has an extensive swim background and he swims all the hard events including 100 and 200 breast and the 400 IM. Bob's breaststroke is wicked fast and he keeps up with swimmers doing freestyle as he swims breaststroke. He swims workouts and races without goggles! Bob has remarkable technique but is always looking to improve. He makes challenges with his brother, who swims Masters in Davis, California. Right now they have bets to see who is going to have the fastest 400 IM this season. Bob has competed with us in three swim meets, the Upstate Splash and has even set a state record this year! (Although he is very modest about this). Bob is truly a great guy! He is so kind and considerate and he has offered to help our team anyway he can.

Splashing Accomplishments

Swim Around Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Awesome swims from these four man teams: Andy Satterfield, Jim Osborn, Scott Jones, and John Sanders and Jennifer Cranny, Mike Stressman, Billy Buck and Cathy Kennar

Dam Tri, Lexington, SC

Epic feats from Michael Mahar, Jose Villa, Klaus Pless and Ruth Allbright

Ironman Louisville

Athletic prowess from Allen Rhodes

Ironman Chattanooga

Lifetime Accomplishments for Mark Sharp and Price Kinney

Congratulations to Alex and Miriam Biere on their recent wedding and welcome to South Carolina for the next 3 years (They are from Germany)

Kudos to Carolyn Moore for earning her Level 3 USMS Coaches Certification

Swim the Suck

Laudation to Casey Oliver, Stephanie Hance, Carolyn Moore and Leslie Scott for swimming 10 miles in the Tennessee River Gorge. It was a beautiful day but there was plenty to battle with strong winds, chop and a slack current. A special shout out to Casey and Steph for their first ever endurance swim! We could not have done it without our kayak support of Stephanie Booth, Tedd Garner, Leslie Dyke, and Steven Scott. And to Bob Mitchell and Steven Scott for kayaking all the practice swims!

This Fearsome Foursome Crush Swim the Suck

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Membership Opportunity

Thank you so much to our members that have paid their annual membership dues. Your dues help support our team expenses and provide for our continued growth. Team t-shirts have been mailed or delivered to all our members. If you got a t-shirt and the size is not right, let Leslie know and we can exchange it.


Support your team with easy online registration by clicking the button above

Greenville Splash Ironmen

Schedule Changes


Coach Johnny Thon will be joining our coaching staff on Saturdays. Johnny brings over 20 years of coaching experience including age group, Masters, high school, summer league and water polo. Johnny is a current coach for Team Greenville.

Closed Nov. 11 starting at 1:00 pm till Nov. 13 and also Dec. 2nd after 1:00 pm till Dec. 4th for age group meets.

Parking renovations are taking place for the next 4 months. Follow construction signs.

Kroc Center:

Nov. 25th Special Black Friday Workout: 10:00 - 11:00 am

All swimmers welcome, let Leslie know if you need a guest pass

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Killer Distance Workout by Coach Casey

Warm up: 600

Kick set: 8 x 50 on :50

Pre Set:

1 x 500 for time, hard effort

Main Set:

400, 300, 200, 100 on tightest intervals possible, based on previous 500 time

Easy 100

1 x 500 for time, faster than previous 500!

Pull Set:

5 x 100 on 10 seconds rest

Cool down: 200

Total: 3,700

Technique Tip By Coach Leslie

Distance Per Stroke: A great way to self coach is by counting your strokes. Do this periodically. Start with a streamline glide off the wall. Make sure you have good body position, your head should be neutral, not too high or too low. Focus on having tall posture in the water with your head supported on the water.

Make sure your arms take complete strokes. Fully extend in front by spearing the water and fully press past your hip. Keep your hand and arm out front as long as possible as the opposite arm is completing a stroke. Glide as the opposite arm completes the stroke and starts to recover. Pause out front. Catch the water and hold the water when you pull. Accelerate your hands and take long smooth strokes. Use your core to rotate fully.

Stroke count and DPS is different for everyone; it depends on height, weight, limb dimensions, and body shape. So no need to compare yourself to others. The goal is to decrease how many strokes it takes you to swim one length. The lower your count the more efficient you will be. So just keep counting!

Swim Equipment

Our coaches want you to have swim equipment, especially fins! Go to our team store to see what we recommend and help support our team. We are also planning to use tempo trainers in workouts starting soon.
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Westside Goes International

It's always fun to see who shows up for workouts at Westside Aquatic Complex! From left to right: Diego Mezzogori (Italy) Alex Biere (Germany) Tim Hezemans (Netherlands) Leah Aragon (Phillipines) Bianca Walker (England) and Jose Villa (Mexico). Not pictured are Oriana Carrillo (Venezuela) and Charlotte Yang (China)
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Advisory Board

Meet the Greenville Splash Advisory Board:

Executive Director: Leslie Scott

President: Casey Oliver

Secretary: Carolyn Moore

Communications: Amy Browning

Social Director: Sara Bopp

At Large: Mark Kothe, Janice Hebel, Tyler Sites

Please, reach out to these board members with any suggestions for the future success of your Greenville Splash Masters team. Email:

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