hydro electric energy

water that makes energy

Is hydro energy renewable?

Hydro power can be reused over and over. The water evaporates into the clouds and in a couple of days the water will rain back down and back threw the hydro dam.
Hydroelectric Energy

Where is hydro electric power found on earth?

Hydro power is found all over the earth. It is found in oceans, lakes, and rivers.

How does hydro electric power work?

The water runs through the grate into the dam and goes through the turbine and comes out the other side of the dam. When the water goes through the turbine it turns and the turbine turning makes power through the genterator.
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Other uses for hydro power?

Hydro power powers city's, buildings, house.
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Who uses hydro power?

Cities, and homes.
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How expensive is hydro power?

The hoover dam cost about $50 million dollars in the 1930's to build. Today that is $690 million dollars and that has 17 generators.
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