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Since Pericles was a member of an aristocratic family he supported democracy .He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy. Also he changed to have the city pay a salary to its officials. This meant poor citizens could hold public office.The last thing of his accomplishments was the construction of the Parthenon.

Greek Gods

About The Gods

The Greeks built temples wherever they lived.The gods had human forms and human characteristics but one main difference between humans and gods and goddess is that they are immortal meaning living forever but humans do not.The King of the gods was the mighty Zeus. Greeks.Greeks honored the gods by prayers blessings and Gifts.The family of gods were Zeus,Hera,Apollo,Artemis,Athena,Ares,Aphrodite,Hermes,Poseidon,and Demeter.

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The Gods

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Visual and Dramatic Arts

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Was a temple to the goddess Athena.It was made from marble.It was a 40 feet building and was special for the gods.

The arts

The Greeks used dramas,and comedies to show the Greeks thinking,personality and the reeks wisdom.the Greeks put on tragedies.These were serious stories that ends in a disaster.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed learning their arts,life,and their beliefs