Most Dangerous Places

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Let's meet the monsters.

There is lots of dangers in this world but there are monsters that lie beneath peoples feet and roar with shakes that can break roads even buildings and bleed out red hot lava that can cause massive destruction. In this article you will learn about how these things happen and the damage they cause.

Emily-Puerto Rico Why people live here

Puerto Rico is a very beautiful and interesting place to live. But it’s also very dangerous. People live and visit it for the sights and cultures. There are no volcanoes there but it was made out of volcanoes many years ago. There are earthquakes in Puerto Rico regularly and if you want to live there think about the dangers of the earthquakes. Valleys and hills are created in Puerto Rico by the tectonic plates.


Just recently there was one of the largest earthquakes to hit Puerto Rico in years, cracking floors and causing some power outages, but no major damages or injuries. At least 70 aftershocks have been reported since then. So move to Puerto Rico or decide to take a visit there, be prepared for the dangers that live right beneath your feet.

Tyler- Why people like to live there

People love to live in Tokyo, Japan because of its great emperor buildings and the amazing traditions that Tokyo does. Tokyo is also known for its exotic foods and some exotic fish like there Japanese catfish. People also like there nice silk robes and clothing. Tokyo is also one of the top producers and sellers of comic books. There is also wonderful monuments and the city of Tokyo is beautiful. Art is also a big part in their culture. Japanese art is amazing to the right person.

Tokyo/Japanese tectonic activity

There is lots of tectonic activity in Tokyo, Japan. One of the biggest earthquakes was the one in 1923, Its name was the Great Kanto Earthquake. It killed more than 100,000 people. The case of that was because Tokyo, Japan is on a convergent boundary. Which means that the tectonic plates run into each other and one of them ends on the top and the other is on the bottom. Sometimes they make land features like mountains and even sometimes they make islands

The evidence

Even Tokyo is a amazing city it is still has earthquakes, and volcanoes. One of there biggest volcano is the Mt. Asma but is still erupts ash. This ash can still affect plants and animals and people. Also one of the biggest earthquakes is the Great Kanto earthquake. there was a huge death toll of 100,000. So remember that if people are going to live in Tokyo, Japan Watch out!



So now you know them.

After just hearing about those places and how dangerous they are it is sometimes unbearable for them when their homeland gets destroyed . Even though they are beautiful and unique they are being destroyed by these monsters and how people and these places can't even fight back, they can prepare for a beating and sometimes. Even stop some of the destruction but not all of it. It is sad how their homes and work buildings and schools are just being demolished by Those monsters. Maybe in the future people can stop it but right now the monsters hold the upper hand.