By: Andrea Rojo


Harperella is a herb that is normally found in North Carolina on rocky or gravel shoals and sandbars and along swift flowing stream sections.

How can farming decrease biodiversity?

Certain farming practices can decrease biodiversity by using only certain crops. This destroys habitats and creates niches for other species.

Why might farmers want to limit pesticides?

Farmers might want to limit pesticides because pesticides can be very harmful if taken in large amounts.

How can deforestation decrease the biodiversity of an area?

The species living in the forest can lose their habitat there for they can't deal with the change so the number of species decreases.

How would the draining of a wetland to make way for a residental development affect the wildlife that lives in that area?

The draining of wetland to make way for residential development completely destroys the ecological niches that were already in place making way for new evasive species

Why should we work to restore the wetlands on the coast of North Carolina?

Wetlands provide different types of functions they protect the quality of the water, they help prevent erosion and floods they also help maintain fish population.