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Customized Full Color Printed Hard Top Non Slip Mousepad Mat

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Use our Full Color Promotional Counter Mats as Mousepads or to protect Countertops & Advertise

Who can use custom printed hard surface counter mats? Almost any brick and mortar business that serves clients at a table or counter can benefit from the full color advertising capabilities of our wholesale promotional non slip rubber backed counter mats. You would think that most organizations would use our custom printed counter mats as mousepads, but only about 50% of clients do this- the mats are fantastic and are used just as often as promotional decor.

When you get into our larger sizes, the most common use is competitive gamers. These individuals take their gear seriously, and counter mats are an important part of smooth play. Our mats are a great way to show off the amazing graphics of today's video games, and are often times utilized to announce a new game's release by featuring important imagery from the game and handing the mats out to famous gamers so that fans can see them being used.

A more traditional use of our custom hard surface counter mats is by real estate agents. if you are selling a high profile property, we can put the image of the house you are trying to sell on the mats, or perhaps we could put a picture of a great house that you just sold along with your real estate agency logo. Even if you hand these custom printed hard surface counter mats out on a regular basis to day-to-day potential customers as gifts, their promotional shelf life is very long, especially if they take them home and use them as mouse pads or a place on their counter to throw their keys and knicknacks.

You have probably already seen full color counter mats being used by your local automotive mechanic shop, because they have been using counter mats to advertising their products for 30 or more years. Mechanics will often receive a stipend from suppliers such as tire companies to put their logo as well as imagery of a popular new tire, windshield wiper, or break pad printed upon these fantastic custom printed wholesale hard surface counter mats. Another use of our mats by mechanics is to announce a new oil change special, which will generate new business if someone is there for auto repair but has an upcoming need for an oil change.

Medical offices, hospitals, urgent cares, and even veterinarians have custom printed hard surface counter mats in their offices because there are always new treatments and pharmaceuticals becoming available for both humans and animals. Custom printed hard top counter mats with non slip rubber base are a good way to advertise all of these services as well as to remind people and pet owners of upcoming vaccinations.

Retail shops use custom full color hard top counter mats to advertise upcoming sales and brands, as well as to specify what credit card processors they use. Consumer electronics, lottery, floral, sporting goods, and even grocery stores can use these to announce products and surfaces while protecting the expensive counters that sit below our gorgeous mats.

The fast food industry is always introducing new products, and it is an industry that is notoriously hard on their counters due the brisk pace of the workplace. Our custom printed hard surface counter mats are a great way to announce the release of a new soft drink, burger, sandwich, salad, or other food and drink offering.

Our vivid, full color printing on our mats is a match made in heaven for the entertainment industry. Whether you are a production company announcing a new film via swag bag at the big film festival, OR taking advantage of synergy by advertising via your other outlets, these bright, large mats are basically horizontal billboards that are seen by potentially thousands of people per day. They are a surefire, low cost way to reach a mass market.

While my parents are the only people that I know who still use a travel agent, travel agencies and vacation tours are a great way to show off imagery of a specific vacation that you are selling. You can specify further by featuring images from a specific activity that the location is famous for, such as a famous golf course. Golf course photos and beach photos look amazing on our custom printed counter mats.

The financial, investment, and insurance industries can all benefit from customized counter mats because we can advertise your lower auto insurance rates, a great interest rate on investments or mortgages, or a plethora of other offerings that would otherwise be very difficult to announce to your investment, insurance, and banking customers.

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Our counter mats are available in sizes: 9x11, 10x15, 11x17, 12x18, 13x19, 14x19, 16x20, 17x26, and a monstrous 19.5x28. While most clients will have us fit their artwork within these parameters, we DO have the ability to produce custom sizes, so let us know your idea!

Window Mats, Calendar Mats, Soft Surface Mats, and More!

We made this feature about hard surface counter mats because we love their versatility. If you are looking for window mats where you can change the image, or calendar mats so your clients never have to wonder what day it is, contact us because we are the source for all of these and more.

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