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HP Special Programs E News September 2014

Unleash Your SuperHero Powers

During my few months in Highland Park, I have discovered so many amazing things. Being new to a district as widely known and respected as ours, lends itself to encourage many fellow educators and colleagues to ask me questions such as "So, what do they do differently in Highland Park?" I have spent many hours getting to know the teachers, the administrators, our team, the rules (written and unwritten), policies, protocols, traditions, and most importantly the students. During my short time here, I already know one thing we do differently and here it is: we attract and retain the BEST educators, administrators, specialist, and professionals in the world.

The answer quickly became so obvious and I am able to say with passion "The people in Highland Park are the very best at what they do, they know their craft, they are dedicated to growth, and they focus on what is best for students.

After we spend some time in a position or a district, we tend to lose sight of our blessings and purpose. I charge you to remember why you entered this field, this position, this district and then fight to find your deeper purpose. Yes, we are all here to do the things listed on our job descriptions, but when our time is done here, what do we want to have accomplished, what will our legend be? Do we want to say we crafted really precise evaluations and ARDS, of course we do, but what do you want your work to mean?

(Remember to recognize each other with Lollipop moments)

Unleash your SuperHero powers, find purpose, and have some fun,


Compliance Corner

General Educators must attend the entire length of an ARD unless:

1) the parents are notified prior to the meeting that they will be excused early

2) the parents give consent in writing

3) the teacher provides written input to the ARD committee

STAAR Updates and Reminders:

STAAR Modified no longer exists

If a student takes STAAR ALT in one subject, they must take STAAR ALT in all subjects

Stay tuned for updates to STAAR ALT

If you are recommending an accommodation for a student, please visit the TEA Website-Accommodation Triangle (see link above)

Save the Date

Professional Development Opportunities and Meeting Dates:

504 Audio Conference- Life Threatening Allergies-September 23rd-11:00

Dyslexia Team Meeting- September 25th-1:00

Coodinator Meetings- September 26th-8:30, October 10th-8:30, October 21st-8:30

eSPED Teacher Training- October 3rd- W202 HPHS 8:00-11:00 and 11:30-2:30

Picchioni Meetings:
September 30th- Multi-purpose

October 21st- Plaid Room

November 4th- Plaid Room

December 9th- Plaid Room

Region 10 Special Ed Legal Updates- October 31st

Techno Tips

Aurasma: the industry-leading augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. In fact, it’s the only mobile app that lets you create and share your own augmented reality experiences! Use this app to make portfolios of student work or to teach a lesson.


Happy Birthday to YOU:

September 23rd-Katrina Tilley

September 27th- Debbie Malloy

October 1st- Amanda Ohlenburg

October 7th- Greg Rico

October 21st-Amee Patel

(Since we missed September - Happy Belated Birthday to Betsy on September 15th)

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