My Mission Statement

Aidan Bast

Ready For College, Career, and Life

  • College: I want to go to an Ivy League college, and to have a major in some sort of mathematics or physics.
  • Career: I would like to have a job as a college professor who teaches either math or physics of some sort
  • Life: I would like to find a place to live that I really enjoy living in. I would also like to travel around the world and learn a new language.
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  • I believe that I am a worker, and that I get things done for me and others
  • I believe that life is a good teacher and that it is real, not a joke.
  • I believe that the world is full of things for me to learn.
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Goals and Expectations

  • Short Term Goal: To make all A's with an average of 95 or above this year.
  • Long term Goal: To graduate from an Ivy League college, but if not, then a high ranking college.
  • Behavior Expectation: To not joke around about people behind their back.
  • Academic Expectation: To graduate from the Early College as the valedictorian.
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