Cougar Call

Volume 2, Issue 3

Haunted Monticello

We all know that Georgia has a very strong history and history lingers, but did you know that there is history lingering closer than you think. Even places in Monticello that is known to be haunted. Gaither’s Plantation is famous for having sightings of ghosts. The Gaither’s Plantation has been around for years. The plantation was built in the 1850s. Many have said that the house has seen murders, slave labor, Confederate soldiers, and mostly likely, the suicide of slaves. There is a story of how the great-great-great granddaughter of W.H and Cecilla Gaither was sitting on the swing on the front porch, and she felt someone sit next to her; no one was next to the young girl. Then the swing began to swing. She was too small for her feet to touch the ground; therefore, she could not have pushed off by herself. Many have wondered who roams the halls of the Gaither’s house. Some say it is Cecilla Gaither. When she died she was buried in town as opposed to her husband who was put to rest on the property. Legend says that Cecilla’s being buried away from her beloved husband has made her restless.

If you would like to hear something a little creepy, it is said that even our very own school is haunted. Years ago a volunteer by the name of Joe Massey worked here. He worked around the 1978. Massey served in the Korean War and had gotten frostbit due to the poor clothing. He lost both of his legs and was confined to a wheelchair. Despite his disability, he had a great big heart for this school and the children here. He would give money out of his pocket to children; however, sadly he died in 1983.

“Rumor has it; his ghost can still be heard in the gym and on the stage. However his ghost is not to be feared.” Mrs. Elizabeth Davis said. “It’s like you can hear something wheeling behind you.” Mrs. Gail Marsh said. “He is even here in the mornings at six when I’m here.” Mr. George said. If you have ever captured a picture and you see an orb, it is most likely a spirit. Mrs. Judy has captured many pictures that have orbs in them. She has said that she has taken many pictures from behind and around the stage area and in the gym where orbs have been present. So, next time you take a picture on the stage and see an orb, it might be Joe Massey watching over the children and the school that he greatly loves.

by: Sydney Reardon

History of Halloween

Halloween is now hailed as one of America’s favorite holidays. It is a time to dress up as the most cherished characters and collect enough candy for a year. October 31st wasn’t always filled with pumpkin carving and haunted houses. Halloween dates back to the Celtic festival Samhain from over 2,000 years ago. November 1st was considered New Year’s, so the last day of October was thought of as a night when the dead roamed the earth. During the ceremony, Druids would dress up in animal heads and skins to sacrifice their crops and animals. They believed this would protect them during the winter.

When the Romans conquered most of the Celtic land, the two beliefs mixed. The Romans had two major traditions associated with late October. Feralia celebrated the passing of the dead, and Pomona payed tribute to the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. From Pomona came the tradition of bobbing for apples, a symbol to represent the goddess.

When Halloween first arrived in America, Protestant beliefs acted as a barrier to any celebration. Slowly, cultures blended, and today’s practices began to emerge. Towns held events to celebrate the harvest, read fortunes, and sing and dance.

After the Irish potato famine in 1846, many immigrants came to America, bringing their holidays with them. Americans soon carried out the typical “trick-or-treating” that we know today, but with coins and food rather than candy. People soon made an effort to make Halloween more “family friendly” by throwing parties with fun games and costumes that appealed to all ages.

By the time the 1900s rolled around, Halloween was considered a community event. Towns celebrated with parades and parties. With the addition of baby-boomers, trick-or-treating took off as a way to keep the children out of trouble.

Today, Halloween is America’s second largest commercial holiday, adding up to $6 billion spent per year. Once known as a day of fear and sacrifice, October 31st is now the peak of candy season. Millions of children now dress up as their favorite characters in hopes of filling up their bags with sugary goodies. Halloween may have started as a task to prepare for the coming winter, but now it’s just a warm up for Thanksgiving!

by: Sarah Holland

Elementary's Halloween Fun!

As Halloween comes each year, so does the excitement of trick-or-treating for younger students. The elementary at Piedmont Academy are also joining in on the fun. First through third grade are having a Halloween party on Friday, October 30th. The parties include scavenger hunts, candy guessing games, and crafts. Fourth and fifth grade had a trick-or-treating get together with their high school buddies last week. The children wore masks and asked faculty for candy. Throughout October the elementary students have been making spooky art to decorate the hallway. Watch out for skeletons and bats if you are brave enough to pay them a visit!

By: Mikayla Rigsby

Friday Night Lights

The Piedmont Academy Cougars defeated Bethlehem Temple 47-14 on 10-16-15. For the offense, Ben Davis and Mack Brady led the Cougars. For the defense, Chris Cain, Zack Wilson, and Michael Edwards led the Cougars. Cain had one tackle for loss and one sack. Wilson had two TFLs( tackle for loss) and one fumble recovery. Edwards had one interception. For the year, Ben Davis leads the offense in rushing with 132 carries for 1209 yards and 19 TDs. Mack Brady has 95 carries for 550 yards and 10 TDs, and Noah Quick has 61 carries for 386 yards and 7 TDs. In passing this year, Mack Brady is 64 for 108 tries and has 1272 yards, 14 TDs, and 4 interceptions. Chris McClain leads the Cougars for receiving with 24 receptions for 517 yards and 7 TDs. Michael Edwards has 15 receptions for 385 yards with 3 TDs. Wyatt Galloway has 14 receptions with 188 yards and Chandler Burrell has 8 receptions for 131 yards and 3 TDs. The Cougars will play Flint River here at home on the 30th. This game will determine the Region 2AA champion.

by: Joseph Anderson

Clay Crushing Cougars

On Saturday, October the 24th, the Piedmont Clay Crushing Cougars shot in a competition at South River Gun Club. After a long day of shooting, Piedmont placed 3rd in the competition out of 8. Andrew Chapko shot high with 91 out of 100 for the team on skeet. Joseph Anderson shot 2nd place with 88 and Mitch Marsh shot 3rd with 85. Joseph Anderson and Mitch Marsh tied for high with 91 out of 100 for the team on Trap. Hunter Whiting shot 3rd with 88. For the overall high score on the team, Joseph Anderson placed 1st with 179 out of 200, Mitch Marsh placed 2nd with 176 out of 200, and Andrew Chapko and Hunter Whiting tied for 3rd with 170 out of 200. For the competition, Joseph Anderson placed 6th and Mitch Marsh tied for 10th place.

By: Joseph Anderson

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Powder Puff

Powder Puff 2015

Female members of the high school at Piedmont Academy decided to try their hand at football during the 11th annual publications class “Powder Puff” game. The turnout was a surprising amount with 36 girls who participated. The ladies were split into two teams and set to compete.

The blue team members included Neely Bradford, Ryn Smith, Madison Morton, Gracie Hunt, Ivy English, Rylee Owens, Grayson Bradley, Taylor Patterson, Maddie Johnston, Alexis Dodson, Ashley Johnston, Mattie Ruth Smith, Emily Hammonds, Deacon Robinson, Madison Burnham, and Bridgette Phillips.

The pink team members included Makennah Holifield, Emma Kate Edmonds, Madison McCart, Hayley Tyler, Bailyn Whitaker, Taylor Swart, Becca Hopper, Mikayla Rigsby, Sydney Davis, Hannah Nelson, Meg Collins, Cassidy Cook, Haley Hooper, Kailyn Evans, Maddie Mooneyham, Lucy Tuggle, Madison Sanders, Anne Marie Hildebrant, Lauren Bernard, and Amelia Dodson.

All of the players played well by exceeding the expectation from the members of the varsity football team. Hayley Tyler, Amelia Dodson and Hailey Hooper represented the pink team since the color pink symbolized the opposition. Emily Hammonds and Mattie Ruth Smith proved to be the key players for the blue team. The blue team ended the game with a win. The final score was 8-6.

The pink team’s coaches were Noah Quick and Clay Kirkpatrick. The touchdown for the pink team was made by Madison McCart. The blue team was coached by Chris Cain, Ben Davis and Tanner Casey. Touchdowns for the blue team were made by Mattie Ruth Smith and Maddie Morton. The game officials included Alvin Hawkes, Leland Ready, Colt Spivey, and Wes Tanner. Coach Michael Wilson added a lot of “color” as he announced the game.

The amazing yearbook staff that helped with this event included Cheyenne Miller, Morgan Spivey, Madison Suttles, Grace Roberts, Georgie Allen, Kayla Ellis, and Alicia Peek. The publication’s class is taught by media specialist, Traci Brady.

by: Lauren Bernard

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Halloween Jokes

1. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?

2. Where did the goblin throw the football?

3. Why doesn't Dracula mind the doctor looking at his throat?

4. Which building does Dracula visit in New York?

5. Why did the skeleton go disco dancing?

6. What instrument does a skeleton play?

7. What do ghosts eat for supper?

8. How can you tell a vampire likes baseball?

9. Why did the ghost go into the bar?

10. What is the most important subject a witch learns in school?

11. Why are ghosts so bad at lying?

12. What kind of dessert does a ghost like?

13. What does a skeleton say before dinner?

14. What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house?

15. Why didn’t the skeleton want to go to school?

16. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

17. What did the little girl say when she had to choose between a tricycle and a candy bar?

18. What do you call a fat pumpkin?

19. What room does a ghost not need?

20. What do ghosts use to wash their hair?

21. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?


1. He had no body to dance with

2. Over the ghoul line

3. Because of the coffin

4. The Vampire State Building

5. To see the boogey man

6. A Trom-BONE

7. Spooketi

8. Every night he turns into a bat

9. For the Boos

10. Spelling

11. Because you can see right through them

12. I scream

13. Bone appetit!

14. Hope its Halloween

15. His heart wasn’t in it.

16. He didn’t have the guts

17. “Trike or Treat”

18. A plumpkin

19. A living room

20. Shamboo

21. Booberries

Paws at a Glance


· Shotgun meet at Old Hudson Plantation VS. John Hancock

· Cheer competition @ Loganville Christian


· Cheer Competition @ Bulloch Academy

· PTO meeting @ 3:30


· Cheer Competition @ Brentwood


· Region One Act Play @ Augusta Prep


· Mid quarter

· Fine Arts Dress Down Day

· 3rd grade chapel

· Veteran’s Day breakfast @8:00 am


· ASVAB- 11TH grade


· GA “Apply to College Day”


· Shotgun meet @ Old Hudson Plantation VS. Gatewood

· Cheer Competition @ Briarwood


· One Act Play = Dessert Theatre


· FFA class to CDC Museum


· Jake McClain “Jake books” @ 9:00


· 4th and 5th grade Chapel


· Shotgun team sells Chik- Fil- A biscuits @ break

· FFA to CDC Museum

· Dismiss @ 12:30 for Thanksgiving Break


· Cheer Competition state meet