Mrs. Szafranski's Class

Week 9: October 12-16


Today a sheet went home that can help you better understand your child’s NWEA scores and report card which will be available to view on Skyward next week. Because our conference will focus on your child sharing work and setting personal goals, I will send a progress report with you to take home. In conjunction with the report card, this will be helpful in understanding how your child is doing in class.

Each conference is scheduled for 15 minutes which will go quickly. If you have more questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

If you have signed up for an after-school conference, you are welcome to meet me at door 13 which is the first grade pod door. This will save time from having to walk to and from the front office. If you have signed up for a morning conference, I will meet you at the front doors of the school. Your child will need to leave with you at the end of the conference.

Field Trip Volunteers

Not every field trip volunteer has completed the anti-bullying video on the TCE website. This is required if you plan to attend the field trips (or come help or visit at school). Please click the link below to complete the training if you have not done so. Thank you!

Snack Donations

Around 4-7 students are without a snack each day, so our reserves are running low quickly. If you are able to donate goldfish crackers, our bellies would really appreciate it!

Lost and Found

The lost and found in our school cafeteria is overflowing! Please tell your child to ask me to go check if they have lost anything at school. Anything left over fall break will be donated.

Fall Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser has started! A blue information sheet came home with your child earlier this week. This is a no-sell fundraiser in which all proceeds go directly to TCE. The fundraiser will continue thru October 31st. Every child who raises $10 or more will bring home a prize and every family who donates $50 or more will be entered in a raffle to win an iPod Touch! Thank you for all of your support!


Our class has earned enough class WOWs for a class reward. They have voted for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) time. On Monday, students may bring in a tablet (iPad, iPod, Kindle, etc) for some extra minutes of fun. I will have school iPads available as well.

Upcoming Curriculum

Reading - We will ask and answer questions before, during, and after reading a text.

Writing - We will wrap up our personal narrative unit.

Grammar - We will learn about proper nouns.

Math - We will learn about repeated addition and arrays.

Science/Social Studies - We will learn ways to research as well as brainstorm questions we have about dinosaurs for our first Genius Hour project.

Spelling Sight Words - what, then, an, your, it's

*Spelling Test: Friday, October 30

Related Arts Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Music

Friday - Art

Mark Your Calendar!

October 9 - End of Quarter 1

October 12-15 Conferences

October 16 - Movie Night

October 20 - Study Trip to Ritchey Woods

October 22 & 23 - Fall Break

Amy Krouse Rosenthal Book Study

For the Global Read Aloud project taking place over a 6-week period, we have connected with a 2nd grade class in Arlington Heights, IL. For the first week of the book study, we read Chopsticks and compared it to Spoon, another of Rosenthal's books. The students voted whether they'd rather be Spoon or Chopstick. We talked about why it's important to stick together and why it's also important to be able to stand alone. They created their own stories from the perspective of another kitchen utensil. Next week we will read Duck! Rabbit! and Skype with the 2nd grade class to hear their thoughts on the books we've read so far.
Scholastic Book Club

Our class code is J2WNT

Math and Reading Game Links

This will take you to the students links section of the TCE website. You can find loads of great games your child can play to practice math and reading skills.