Toddler Clothing Guidelines

By Shim Mi Kadota

Safety in Toddler Clothes

For sleepwear, parents should dress their toddlers in flammability resistance pajamas. About 300 burn injuries are recorded a year due to toddlers sleeping in clothes that aren't flame resistant. Drawstrings in general are another hazard, which can cause choking. When deciding clothes for your child, try and find some that don't have drawstrings or choking hazards such as buttons.


Toddlers are very energetic and always moving. Finding and dressing your child in clothes that allow flexible movements are recommended which could prevent trips and falls from not bling to move properly due to restraint type clothing. You don't want your child to be constantly uncomfortable and feeling held back because of the clothes you dress them in.

Growth Features

Your child is now continuing to grow rapidly and selecting clothes that allow for room to grow will help you save money. Try looking for clothes that have an elastic waistband or two piece clothes. Also, your child may now begin potty training soon so it's important to have pants that are easily taken off when needed to avoid accidents.

Quality Construction

Quality is important for your toddler's clothes. Choosing good quality will help you not have to throw out worn out clothes so quickly. Try and find appropriate clothing for your child based on their day to day needs.


Try and remember to keep an extra set of clothes just in case your child has an accident or makes a mess during playtime. It's important to keep your toddler's clothes clean to keep them safe and healthy from unwanted germs.


To reduce dressing time struggles, avoid garments that must be pulled over the head. Or, select pullover tops that open on the shoulder to allow the garment to be slipped on quickly. Remember, baby’s arms and legs are like an adult’s—only smaller—so, don’t try to force a child’s limbs into garment openings by twisting and pulling them in un- comfortable directions.