The Return of the Sith

Super Strong Steve

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There was once a boy named Steve. He drank his milk, ate his spinach, and aced P.E. He became super strong so he was named Super Strong Steve. He has a high pitched Italian accent. His brother was named Rafth, he was an epic Jedi and he had the force. There was a dinosaur who kept eating the soccer balls, beach balls, foot balls, and dodge balls they played with. So he was force pushed through a portal to a strange different world.

When he entered the portal, a small, yellow, yoga ball flew out. His magic that came with him infected all exercise equipment. Everything came to life and everyone was terrified so they ran back to their homes. The next day Super Strong Steve and his brother Rafth was greeted by the townspeople. They asked them to help them. They agreed. They drove there in their muscle car and entered the gym. He was surprised when he found that everything was alive.

Pg. 2

The magic yoga ball named Kevin, King of the ball world, greeted them and Rafth punched it in the face. He then was attacked by living weights, punching gloves, and punching bags. He grabbed the weights and hit the punching bags. The gloves were in a boxing match against Steve. Kevin told them of his past and how he was running from a monster and tripped into the portal during a ritual where they send gifts to the other worlds through a portal.

Afterward they ran to the portal to save the ball people and jumped through. They were thrown out into King Kevin’s world. They were greeted by the ball people and but then they saw the monster attacking the balls, he caught three and ate them, he gained three spots. Our heroes hid in an abandoned castle and plotted against the creature. Rafth looked out and saw his long lost best friend Hogon Dymon. They had been friends for years until he fell through the portal because of a ball. Hogon left and went into a hidden room inside of a mountain. Just then Steve and Rafth realized that King Kevin was gone and replaced by the monster! They noticed a huge yellow spot on the monster’s belly, Kevin!

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Rafth got his yellow lightsaber and Steve got his brass knuckles and they got ready to save King Kevin. They fought the monster but they couldn’t take him down. He attacked Steve and knocked him out, Rafth used the force and held him off for just enough time to run away with Steve to a new hiding place. Rafth used the force and healed Steve’s wound, they tried to find a weakness in the monster but they had nothing. Rafth remembered the secret room and told Steve. Rafth and Steve went to the open courtyard and Steve made a diversion, that gave Rafth enough time to slip past the monster and find the mountain. Rafth found a small crack in the mountain and used his lightsaber to cut a hole in the mountain. He found a room with the ball people and they were trapped in a giant ball pit with a no-bounce field around it. Rafth tried to break the field but he couldn’t. He looked for a switch but there wasn’t one. He turned to leave but Hogon was in his way. “ I see you have found them.” Hogon said. “ Yes, it seems so.” said Rafth. “ It’s good to see you again Rafth” Hogon replied. “ You too bro.” Rafth returned. “ Hey dude, check this out!” Rafth exclaimed as he showed off his recently learned force ability which made him able to force jump and used force lightning on his lightsaber and the he made a force lightning force field around Hogon and stabbed the field but it didn’t break. “ Epic. It’s my turn now” Hogon said. He started bouncing from wall to wall doing acrobatics and spin moves with his lightsaber out. Rafth noticed that his lightsaber was red which means he was a sith. As Hogon prepared his final jump and Rafth used the force and caught him in mid-air. They became friends again and tortured the balls together. They ran out and plotted against Steve.

When Steve woke up he looked out into the courtyard and saw Rafth and a mysterious warrior in a lightsaber duel. He ran to fight but the monster got in his way. He was fighting the monster and decided to use wits. He ran and found an old shrink ray and he hid and found a way to fix it. He shot the monster and shrunk it down. Then he punched it in the mouth and it went flying. He then ran up to it and shoved his hand through the creature. When he pulled out it’s insides and found out that it was metal and artificially made. He looked over and saw Rafth still fighting the warrior. Steve dashed over and shoulder blocked the warrior. He was thrown into a wall and Steve started punching him over and over. He went in for the final punch and fsshh. The lightsaber ignited through his back. Rafth stood over him as he fell to his knees. “Now you shall feel my Rafth.” As the lightsaber cut through Steve’s neck Rafth change to the darkside was complete and the world and all world shall fall to their Rafth.

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The End

For Now