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Newsletter #17 April 24, 2023

Cougar Families,

The sunshine is a beautiful reminder that warm weather is on the horizon! I know we are all ready for less rain and more sun. I hope you all had a lovely spring break and you're ready to jump into the end of the school year with us.

The end of the year brings excitement, fun, and many activities in our community. Come be part of the fun! Be sure you keep updated with your classroom newsletter for upcoming events in the classroom.

Thank you for staying updated with the latest news in our community!


04/03 -- PTA General Assembly Meeting @ 6:30

04/03-- Breakfast Begins at CHE @ 7:40 AM

04/10-14-- Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

04/24 -- Parent Principal Connect @ 8:15 AM (Virtual) Click here to join the meeting


05/04 -Science Fair/STEM Night (Event postponed to May 4th 6-8 PM)

05/09 -- Parent Principal Connect @6 PM (in-person) This event will be slightly modified and incoming Wilburton families will be invited for a night to connect with the principal and other parents. School tours will also be available to Wilburton families.

05/11 -- Family University Night Collaboration with Medina @ 5:30 PM (more info to come)

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In Partnership,

Brooke and Alison

Family University Night Collaboration with Medina @5:30 PM on May 11th

Come join us in a night of learning and building community with other families and our district MHAT team.

  • Is your child learning and growing in their self-awareness and learning how to manage their emotions?
  • Does your child often speak negatively of themselves or not have a growth mindset about tasks?
  • Is your child learning how to navigate the worries that can come with school, home, and life?

If you would like strategies to support your child(ren) please join the conversation.

We will host this event at Medina on May 11th @5:30 PM.

The Community Planning Team Update! (Mid-West)

The Community Planning Team Update! (Mid-West)

Our Mid-West Team, fresh back from Spring Break, welcomed several new members to the team and took the time to re-introduce themselves. Parent and PTSA reps from Wilburton, Enatai and Clyde Hill joined the team to help provide their important voices, ideas and suggestions for the smooth transition. The team is solidifying the plan for staff from Wilburton, Clyde Hill and Enatai to be able to meet together on an early release Wednesday to begin the process of creating classes for the 23-24 school year. Members of the team feel strongly that providing time for staff from all three schools to be together in the same room while creating the classes makes sure that those who know the students best are able to participate in their class placement. The team continues to discuss different ideas for providing students, staff and community members from Wilburton the time to visit either Enatai or Clyde Hill this spring. Times and dates will be provided in future updates.

Prides and Packs

Prides and Packs is well under way! We began our pilot with select grade level teachers in September and have transitions to all of our school participating in January. Prides and Packs is based on the house system from the Ron Clark Academy. As a school, we value relationships, community, character building and joy.

Through Prides and Packs we feel we can support deeper connections with our students and staff. Please check out this short video clip on what Prides and Packs is:

Arrival and Dismissal Changes

Thank you for helping us with the recent arrival and dismissal changes. We are continuing to monitor how the flow of traffic is working and we will be working with our school team to make any modifications, if needed.

We appreciate you all keeping our cougars safe!

School Pool

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We are one of 16 schools that are participating in the Spring 2023 SchoolPool Challenge during the week of May 1-5!

Bellevue SchoolPool is a program that encourages families and students to explore sustainable transportation options for their commute to and from school and alleviate congestion at drop-off and pickup times and locations. During the Challenge students and families are encouraged to walk, bike, carpool or take the bus to and/or from school.

This year, students are encouraged to participate in the SchoolPool Challenge Art Contest. Students may draw a picture of their trip to or from school in an art contest brochure that will be provided. Students may return their drawings to the school office with parent/guardian signature. The Bellevue SchoolPool team may select a drawing for future posters, signs or web postings.

SchoolPool also provides students with fun small items, and participating helps raise money for our school.

If you would like to sign up for the quarterly editions of the Bellevue SchoolPool newsletter, click here.

PTA Needs Volunteers

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Science Fair May 4th 6-8 PM

We need volunteers to help organize this years science fair. The great thing about this event is that most elements are already prepped. We just need you to help carry the vision and message to families.

What will you be doing if you help volunteer?

  • Communicate with families about the event
  • Coordinate the set up for the science fair
  • Gather judges
  • help students explore and get curious!
  • Have fun!

We are also looking for a team of parent volunteers to help host and put on Walk-a-thon (June 2), Science Fair and Fun Day.

If you are interested please email

Nominating committee

We still need 2-3 PTA members to join the Nominating Committee!

School Dance

Signup for the School Dance (May 20 5-7pm) to go up soon!

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Ensuring School Safety

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School safety is a priority for us! We want to ensure our cougars are safe during arrival and dismissal. Please be sure that you are obeying traffic laws with speed limits in our school zone, being mindful of our school staff who is helping during this time, and students crossing the streets/crosswalks.

Please be sure to refrain from using your cellphones will driving and attend to the safety of all members in our community.

Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp Registration has begun. If you Control-click, it will take you to the site, and parents can see brochures in several languages.

Summer Learning Program

2023 Summer Learning Programs Update

Information about summer programs is now available on the the 2023 Summer Programs K-12 page on the district website.

Summer School Programs for elementary students will run July 6–28 at Lake Hills Elementary School. Summer School Programs for secondary students will also run from July 6-28 at Sammamish High School, with some variations for middle school students.

Smarter Balanced Testing

This spring students in grades 3-5 are required to complete the Smarter Balanced Assessment for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics online per WA State law requirements for public schools. 5th grade students are required to also take the Washington State Assessment for Science.

Below is a draft of our testing schedule this spring. Please avoid scheduling vacations or time away from school during these important assessment windows. Vacation requests may not be granted if they conflict with state standardized testing.

*Please note that dates may change

The Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program website contains test-related resources for parents and students: You can also try out a Smarter Balanced practice or training test at home!

For more information, contact our Assistant Principal, Alison Hook (, or Marissa Sampsel, our ITCL who supports with test coordination (

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Important Dates in April/Beginning of May


District Observance: Arab American Heritage Month
Monthly Acknowledgement/s: Autism Acceptance Month, Poetry Month, National Occupational Therapy Month, School Library Month

  • 4/21/23 – Eid al-Fitr
  • 4/22/23 – Earth Day
  • 4/24/23-4/30/23 – National Student Leadership Week
  • 4/26/23 – Administrative Professionals Day
  • 4/30/23 – Ram Navami

May 2023

District Observance: Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month
Monthly Acknowledgement/s: Military Appreciation Month, National Physical Education and Sport Month, AP Testing Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Jewish American Heritage Month

  • 5/1/23-5/5/23 – National Physical Education and Sport Week
  • 5/1/23-5/5/23 – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/1/23 – National School Principals’ Day
  • 5/5/23 – Children’s Day
  • 5/5/23 – Cinco de Mayo
  • 5/5/23 – School Lunch Hero Day
  • 5/5/23 – Vesak Day