More control, guns out of control

What should we do?

Does the U.S.A not have enough gun control?

There's a huge issue in the U.S.A people are dying by misusing a gun. In other people opinions believe that guns should only be used if your in the militia. Also, in my opinion i think lowering guns will prevent deaths. There is a 30% or have less gun violence in other countries such as japan dont allow guns. ( Robert O'Donnell , Andel Collazo , Emily Dunn)

Does the U.S need help with guns?

The U.S needs tougher gun control because we lose more than 32,000 Americans to gun violence every year in this country. In American more than 300million Americans own gun. This is a problem because there is no background checks because people don't have the patience or time. So, therefore since there's no background checks many people who have guns may have mental illness , violent behavior or drug abuse. That gives convicted felons domestic abuser, and those with a dangerous history of metal illness a free pass to arm themselves. ( Ladd Everitt)

Will more gun control laws reduce deaths?

There is a 464,033 total gun deaths between 1999 and 2013. If there was more control the crime rate with violence with decrease. American children under the age of 15 were nine times more likely to die to gun accident then other wealthy countries. About 200 Americans go to the E.R everyday with gun shot wounds. (