Project 4 Summary

Laser Engraved Item

Why would this project be desirable to users? Why did you select or create this design? Who would be possible customers?

These coasters would be desirable to a customer wanting some winter themed coasters. I chose these designs because I thought that a snowflake and a snowman really represent winter, then I chose the snowmobile because it is a hobby of mine. Possible customers would be somebody wanting winter themed coasters.

Software Used

Adobe Illustrator CS6

Equipment Used

Universal Laser Machine

What obstacles or challenges did you face? How did you overcome those obstacles or challenges? If you were to complete this again, what would you do differently?

An obstacle that I faced was that I had not been able to print in class time. I then came after school and worked hard to finish my design and engrave it. Next time, I would spent my time in class better and complete the assignment in class rather than coming in after school.


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What were you proud of or what was your biggest accomplishment with this project? What was most interesting or intriguing about this project? What did you learn through the designing and fabricating processes?

I am most proud of my hard work on this project rather than giving up and not completing the project. I learned that time in this class is valuable and should be used correctly. Also I learned that the engraver can engrave on many materials and still would end up looking great.