Hernando Cortes

Spanish Explorer 1485-1547

Hernando's Trip

In 1519 Cortes set sail to Southern Cuba.He had 11 ships,600 sailors, and some horses.Cortes sailed to the coast of Mexico when they got there they gave Cortes gifts including gold.The indians sent a message to the Aztec rulers that were about 200 miles away.Montezuma believed that one day there would be a great white god,and Montezuma thought that Cortes may be him.Montezuma gave gifts of gold to Cortes and asked him to leave,but Cortes wanted more.

Hernando's 2nd Trip

Next Cortes went to the Aztec capital.When they got there they started building a fort called the Vera Cruz, because he wanted to keep his soldiers from abandoning him.Then Cortes put Montezuma's gold and sent the ship back to Spain.Finally the growing army came to the beautiful city of Tenochtitlan.Cortes's men discovered a secret room of treasures.The Aztecs were worried that Cortes would take the gold, and when Montezuma found out that Cortes was just an ordinary person there was a huge blood battle.In the end, Cortes won the battle and conquered the Aztecs.Also he got what he came for, gold.

Cortes's Wish

Cortes renamed the capitol city Mexico City.Also Cortes was the appointed governor.Finally Cortes retired from a soldiers life in 1541.He lived in luxury in Spain, until his death in 1547.