Recognizing You

Global Support Operations July 2014

Let's Give a Round of Applause to GSO July Ovation Award Recipients!

Naga Panangipalli (Bhushan)

Naga Panangipalli (Bhushan) who is a Six Sigma Black Belt, joined Verizon Operation in Oct 2013. From the time he joined he was very much focused on improving HSI & FSC Chat Key Metrics FCR and NPS.

With his learning and experience he was able to guide our partner to deliver excellent and consistent result month over month.

Was involved in helping the center reduce ACT and providing valuable input for ACT reduction. Center saw a 3 minute reduction since Jan 2014.

Was a part of the Six Sigma project on ERP and FTR improvement on both HSI & FSC Chat programs and provided guidance on each step of DMAIC & KAIZEN approach.

Nominated by: Subramanian Ramakrishnan

Rachel O'Donoughue

Rachel continually exceeds the daily demands with managing a multitude of various Consumer and Business programs. She is the primary SME for GSO in relation to automated notification announcements (ANAs). Rachel handles 12 daily ANAs , 20 weekly & monthly recurring ANAs, and 3-5 new one-time ad-hoc ANA requests each month. One recent ANA to highlight is supporting the Network Transformation that is occurring at 6 wire centers throughout 2014. For many ANAs Rachel actually performs the recordings herself. In addition to the ANA program, Rachel manages both the Small Business and Medium Business Welcome Call Program and VSB Promo Renewal. Meanwhile, working with the Small Bus National CRM Marketing team on several new initiatives that will result in two new projects. Rachel is highly motivated, organized and driven with an "in it to win it" attitude and is an valuable asset to the team.

Nominated by: Tavis Willingham

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh joined us is Dec’ 13 and soon became an important part of our team. He learned the existing systems and applications within a short span of time and started completing the projects on his own. He is always willing to extend his support to the team and his experience and expertise has helped the team fix and develop more stable platforms. He was instrumental during the IP migration of our servers and almost single handly designed and developed the new observation tracking form on review to ensure that both Verizon team and partner teams are able to perform various observations on a common platform and track the individual and center level performance. He is a perfect team player and is highly flexible which makes him an outstanding performer even during the high pressure scenarios.

Nominated by: Tanmay Singh

Coming to you from: GSO Specialty Team - Employee Engagement