NJ Behavior Support Services

Presentations of Inspiring Life Experiences For Today's Youth

This exciting presentation is just what some of our youth need today ! Convicted Felons who have changed their lives around to serve the community are now Mentoring our Youth. This is a school assembly that You or School Youth do not want to miss. The presenters are real, and their stories are breathtaking !

During this presentation, you will hear the dramatic testimony of individuals who were on the other side of the law, they were convicted, and incarcerated for many years. These Convicted Felons "paid their dues" to society. Now serve to educate our youth and encourage them to walk a "straight line, stay away crime, and get an education." Our presenters know about peer-pressure, the price of crime, and why it doesn't pay !

Some of these ex-criminals were incarcerated for unimaginable crimes but are now "physically free," and mentally aware of their future. Some of our Youth today need a reality check. Some just need a little more encouragement. Some really need to hear the dramatic stories of "Life Teachers 4 Life."

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