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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver (The Summer Day) -

The time has come for me to pursue answers to this question. After 31 years, I've decided to start my next chapter. I will retire at the end of this school year. It has been a great pleasure to have worked and grown with the wonderful children, families, and staff of this community for so many seasons. As I put out the candle of my public school teaching career, I simultaneously look back with warm memories and light a few more candles for what is to come. Going forward, I plan to promote stewardship of the earth and help students develop their science, writing, engineering and mathematical minds. I move onward with gratitude for these times and optimism about what lays ahead.


Mr. Wicks

Congratulations from us all on the long and wonderful career of Mr. Wicks and big Cherry Valley wishes to him in this next chapter of his life.

Other changes to teaching assignments for next year include:

  • Mary Akers-Bell who will be joining the 4/5 team
  • Carrie Caudle who will be joining the 2/3 team

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Enjoy your Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 24 - Friday, April 9

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March 22 + 23

Asynchronous Learning Days (Grades K-5)

Tuesday, March 23

6:00-8:00pm, PCS Board of Education Meeting

March 24 - April 9

Happy Spring Break!

Saturday, March 27

Final MCCV School Photo Make-Up Day

Wednesday, April 7

6:30-8:00pm, TIDE Meeting

Friday, April 9

5:00-6:00pm, Cherry Jubilee Committee Meeting


April 13 - PCS Board of Education Meeting

April 15 - PTA Meeting

April 15 - MCEF Meeting

April 17–24 - Jubilee Online Auction


Thank you to all the middle school parents who were able to attending the Monday meeting on March 15 about the MCCV 6-8 Hybrid Schedule. Many great questions were asked and answered. Below for your review is a link to the slide show explaining the 6-8 hybrid schedule.

MCCV 6-8 Hybrid Schedule

Asynchronous Learning Days for Grades K-5 March 22 + March 23

On April 12, 2021 we will be resuming hybrid (in-person) instruction at our K-5 student. Whether you are returning to school for hybrid instruction or remaining in distance learning, we hope you share our excitement about these positive changes towards a more normal school experience. Welcoming students back for instruction on April 12th requires some important preparations. In order for teachers to be ready for this transition, we are planning two asynchronous days of instruction right before Spring Break to allow teachers this time to prepare their rooms for hybrid instruction. We will have asynchronous instruction on March 22nd and March 23rd for our K-5 students. What this means for your child is that on those two days there will be no teacher check in. Instead we have planned a two-day enrichment unit that can be worked on by all the students in your home (K-5). This unit explores the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and includes art, movement, geography, reading, and optional cooking ideas. We hope your family enjoys this fun project as we launch into Spring Break. Look for more information from your teacher before March 22nd.

We hope your family enjoys this fun project as we launch into Spring Break. When we return, we will be ready to welcome hybrid students back on campus and continue with our distance learners as well. Whatever you choose, please know that we are excited to continue serving your child and your family.


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Elihu Rodriguez

Presentation by: Wes Gruener

Hi, my name is Wes Gruener and I am proud to present Elihu Rodriguez as one of our Mary Collins School students of the semester.

Elihu has been a student here since sixth grade. Before that he attended River Montessori.

Elihu is a funny, creative student with good grades. Some of his interests include; Skating, Surfing and playing Video Games.

Elihu’s friends describe him as kind, funny, smart, and caring. They really enjoy hanging out with him. He is known to brighten up the mood, wherever he goes.

“Elihu is a serious and driven student, always willing to ask a question for clarification and take that information and turn it into action.” - Mr. Watt (6th grade Accelerated Math and Science)

Mr. Yu says that Elihu is dependable, thoughtful, and consistent both as a friend and as a student. His work displays creativity, maturity, and a strong grasp of the interconnectedness of disciplines.

“Elihu is a valuable member of our community. He is well liked and respected by his peers.” - Mr. Ruddell (History)

Elihu plans to attend Petaluma High School where he would like to study auto engineering.

After high school Elihu plans to continue studying automotive engineering, and continue visiting his family in Mexico.

Elihu is a great friend to me, and he’s gotten me through some tough times. He is a great learner and hard worker. I expect him to excel in school and do really well in the future.

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Sadie Goldberg

Presentation by: Mira Middleton

Hello, my name is Mira Middelton and I am here today to present one of Mary Collins schools wonderful students of the semester, Sadie Goldberg.

Sadie has attended Cherry Valley at Mary Collins since kindergarten. Ever since she was young, Sadie was a dedicated and hardworking student. Besides learning, Sadie is passionate about many activities such as surfing, skating, playing soccer and lacrosse, writing, reading and cooking.

Sadie is described as an intelligent, kind, caring, engaged, responsible, mature, thoughtful and compassionate person. Her friends agree that she is an amazing friend and an enjoyable person to be around. I could go on and on about how amazing she is but sadly we don't have enough time.

“Sadie is a resilient, compassionate learner and friend. She is as kind as she is hardworking, and you can always rely on her to be there for you and or help you.” Says Beatrice, one of Sadie's friends.

Sadie, along with several other girls from Cherry Valley started a club called Hope From The Ashes, a group dedicated to spreading climate awareness and to raising money to donate to organizations helping to stop the yearly California wildfires. Sadie played a big role in helping to raise money in this group.

“Sadie is an amazing, smart, engaged, responsible student. In addition to her academic gifts, she is kind, compassionate and wants to make the world a better place. She is a gift to all who know her.“ Says Mr Ruddell, one of Sadie's teachers.

Sadie is planning on attending high school at Petaluma High. She will be taking Honors English and math and in addition to that, hopes to try out for both the soccer and lacrosse teams there.

After high school Sadie hopes to continue to make the world a better place.

I feel so lucky to be one of Sadie's close friends, she is so deserving of this award. Congratulations Sadie!

Congratulations Lakan Duskin! Lego Stop-Motion Film To Be Shown At The International Ocean Film Festival

In May of last year, when Lakan was in 4th grade, his teacher Ms. Reid gave the class a project about endangered animals. Lakan chose great white sharks and decided to make a Lego model and turn it into a stop-motion film. His family has since submitted the film to IOFF (International Ocean Film Festival) for this year under the student category, and his film has been chosen to be shown. Congratulations Lakan!

Link to Lakan's project on IOFF website: (Available April 15-May 2)

Link to Lakan's project on YouTube:

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We currently have an opening for a playground supervisor at Mary Collins School. The position is 5.00 hours per week, 12:00pm to 1:00pm Monday - Friday while school is in session. Please email Principal Amy Schlueter if you have any questions or are interested in this position.

Click here for more details

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Garden Update: Hi from SARAH KONIAK and KATE JETT

Lots of things are changing and growing in the garden. Last weekend we assembled the 4 additional new raised beds with MCCV parent Heather Gallagher leading the build. Thank you Heather for your time and expertise going towards this long awaited project in the garden! Thanks also to Jodi Wilson for coming to help too. Also the veggie starts from seed, planted over zoom with Sarah, are growing and filling in the raised beds that were new last summer.

Teachers and staff have noticed flowering annuals around the school and are loving the care and attention given by some volunteers on camus. Thank you to Beth Schlanker, Ramin Rahimian, Miranda Alexander, Sarah Cunningham, Pauline Deixler, Caitlin Meredith and all your cheetahs for your beautification efforts!

Thank you Shannon Paras for this week's photo.


For the 2021 spring administration of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) for English language arts / literacy (ELA), mathematics, science, Spanish reading language arts, and the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC), students will be able to take their assigned tests remotely. Our priority is to keep our students and educators safe by following state, county, and local health and safety requirements associated with the current pandemic.

See CAASPP Letter to Parents below which provides information on what students who take the test remotely need. Students will take the exam from the safety of their homes. The exam administrator or examiner will connect by computer with each student.

Link to CAASPP Letter to Parents (English and Spanish)

Make-Up Picture Day

Final School Photo Make-Up Day - March 27

On March 27, there will be a final MCCV make-up picture day. Steven Yeager will be able to take make-up portraits at his studio in Cotati. Please call his studio at (707) 762-7518 to set-up an appointment.

Read Aloud with Ms. Caudle | Ruby Finds a Worry
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Make a Comic with Gio Benedetti - FREE

March 20 - May 15

11:00am - 12:00pm

Petaluma Regional Library

Ages 10-19


In this 8 week course, writer and illustrator Gio Benedetti will guide participants through each step in creating, writing, drawing and inking their own original 8-12 page comic. The class will go over techniques for writing for comics, graphic story-telling concepts, comic layout, materials, and - most importantly - following through to completion! At the end of the 8 weeks, each participant will have their own 8-12 page mini-comic which will be collected and published as our collective Comic Anthology Volume 1. Supplies will be distributed at curbside at the Petaluma Regional Library. Non-Petaluma registrants must register by March 13th in order to arrange for pick-up of supplies at their home branch during curbside. Registration for the entire series of courses is required. Course dates: 3/20, 3/27, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15. NO CLASS ON 4/3 TO ACCOMMODATE SPRING BREAK FOR PETALUMA CITY SCHOOLS.

Bottle Cap Mural

Keep Collecting Those Bottle Caps! We Want To Make A Bottle Cap Mural at MCCV!

Please remember we are collecting plastic bottle caps for a future mural at MCCV. Please wash them and save them or send them into school. We will have collection containers out near the office.

Thank you.