European union

The Netherlands joined the European Union in 1952 and was one of the founding members

History of the Netherlands

The Netherlands was part of Spain at one point and time. The Netherlands is located east of the North Sea, west of Germany, and north of Belgium.

The Netherlands flag

The red in the flag was originally Orange, it also had a lighter blue on the flag. But later it was changed to vermilion white and cobalt blue, because orange and blue were too faint to see in battle.
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this is the box for the picture above. Eindhoven translates to "last hove on the land of Woensel" in dutch.


Anne Frank House in Amsterdam because you can see a part of history. Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to see beautiful art. Ride on a boat in Amsterdam canals.

Geography of the Netherlands

The geography of the Netherlands is grasslands, mountains, and canals.

Government Type of the Netherlands

The government type of the Netherlands is Monarchy. The Netherlands is ruled by Crown Prince Willem-Alexander.

Prior Currency Type

The Dutch Guilder was used prior to the Euro.

Fun Facts

There are more than 600 museums in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has the highest population density of any European country. Netherlands means low country in Dutch which is irronic because a lot at the Netherlands is below sea level. The village of Giethoorn does not have any roads, all transport is done by water on one of the many canals. In 2007 UNICEF ranked the Netherlands as the best country for children to live. Dutch people have the lowest incidence of lactose intolerance of any country, at only 1%. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world.