Oak Ridge High School Newsletter


Brewer Teaches Students About Dairy Calf

Sage Brewer brought a dairy calf to inform students in a How-To Speech. K-2 grade was invited.


  1. FCA-sponsored game night, Friday, Nov 18, 2022 @ First Baptist Church Oak Ridge, 6 pm, free snacks and games.

  2. Cotton Pickin’ Cleaning is hiring a night time position at $15/hr to help clean the school. If you are interested and are a responsible teenager, pick up an application from Dr. Wood.

  3. We have zero loaner chromebooks in our cart right now. Please remind students that the school policy is that if they are using a loaner, it needs to be returned to the library EVERY evening, unless prior arrangements with the library staff have been made and it is actually needed for school work.

  4. FTA Future Teachers of America Meeting Monday Nov 21 During Advisory to talk about our fundraiser

  5. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Anyones) every Wednesday during advisory, HS library, Grades 6-12. We read scripture, hear a student-led devotion, and work on the secondary birthday service project.

  6. Students completing A+ hours need to sign up with this sheet

  7. SENIORS–DO YOU NEED A GREAT JOB? We are looking for a responsible senior to hire to work after school care on Tuesdays and Thursdays from after school until 5:30. Please ask your 18 year old seniors. It will be $12 per hour.

  8. SENIORS (18 and older): If you are interested in making a little bit of cash, come talk to Coach Ward about working the clock, keeping book, or gate at our home games this season. We will pay you $20 per night to do these activities and train you to do it.

  9. Lunch deposits are made before 10:30AM. If you turn in money after 10:30 it will not show on your balance until the next school day.

  10. Friday 11/18/22: HSBB vs Crystal City 6pm (2 qtrs of JV full varsity)

  11. Saturday 11/19/22: JHBB Conference Trn @ Oran TBA HSGB @ Advance 6pm (2 qtrs of JV full varsity) Bus leaves at 4:15