Web Designer

James & James

Specific Attribute Required

There are many specific attributes that are required within this job role in order to become successful within the business. A basic understanding about HTML, CSS and MySQL as well as Microsoft tools. In addition to this trouble shooting, maintenance and web creating is the main role of the job.

General Attribute Required

Ensuring that the management between professional and personal life is distributed properly is essential as the work load within the web design business is heavy therefore time management and organisational skills are crucial within this role. In addition to this being able to solve real life problems is important as well as constant communication within the workplace.

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

There are many personal attributes to be considered within this role. Time management, communication and confidence are key. The confidence to be able to voice your own ideas and opinions and develop them further with assistance or without is a great attribute to have, as well as being able to keep on top of your work load in a organised, tidy manner.
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