Safety and Data Sheet



Mass·51.709 kg


Discovered by· Mr. Malone & Mrs. Dosier

·Highly concetrated in small, cool, or wet places such as pools or bedrooms

·Low concentrations found in hot humid areas such as outside (during summer) and large populated areas

Physical properties

·Creme hair, light tan skin, brown eyes

·Boils when others forces opinions on each other and don't take the time to listen

·Melts when conversations and plans go smoothly

Various states

·Happy where sugar is found and areas that are chilled

·Scared during high or low pressure storms

·Angry when important things are ignored or brushed off

·Is repelled by loudness

·Is attracted to calm low populated areas

·May explode spontaneously if someone yells

·Reqyires copious amounts of art supplies and tea

·Is inert if it receives too much attention

·Will repel saddness

·Is impervious to rudeness