Iran Hostage Crisis

Eric Muro and Drew Wilburn


The Iranian Hostage Crisis was the most dramatic series of problems facing Americans at home during Carter Presidency. They did this because Carter didn't let Shah into the United States. Shah was the leader of Iran and when they found out he had cancer, they locked him down.

On November 4, 1979, an angry mob of young Islamic revolutionaries took over more than 60 Americans hostage. They were released after Ronald Reagan took office.

Important People

* Shah ~ Leader Or Iran Or King

*President Carter ~ President At The Time Wouldn't Give Up The Shah

*President Ronald Reagan ~ Freed The Hostages As Soon As He Took President

*David Roeder ~ Freed Hostage

Important Terms

*SAVAK ~ Secret Police

*Shah ~ King Of Iran

*Operation Eagle Claw ~ An Mission To Free Hostages That Failed

*Algiers Accords ~ Signing Hostages Free