The Show Me State

Missouri's state flag

Missouri's state flag has horizontal red,white and blue stripes with golden a circle in the middle and two bears surrounding it. Inside of it is pictures of a bear a crescent moon and a hawk with a badge that is red,white and blue.

Missouri state seal

The state seal has letters on the bottom which means 1820 in roman numerals that is the year when Missouri started to become a state. The seal was made on January 11 in the year of 1822. It also has 23 stars which indicates that Missouri is the 24th state.

Missouri's state rock

T he state rock is called Mozarkite. Missouri has a very strange rock because it looks like you could find it anywhere and looks like a piece of bacon if you look at it the right way.

Missouri's state flower

The state flower is the White Hawthorn and it looks like there is other blossoms in it but it's not! They look like they would belong in Hawaii but they live in Missouri. The white hawthorn flower is living up to its name an it just looks like summer flowers are all over because of the little pink seeds inside.
Blue Jay - HD Mini-Documentary

entertainers born in Missouri

One out of the dozens of famous people born in Missouri is one my favorite web stars, Vanessa Merrell her and her twin sister, Veronica are very famous for their videos and doing very weird challenges. They once got to do a little challenge with Jake short who plays Fletcher on a Disney show called Ant farm.

Presidents born in Missouri.

One president is Harry S. Truman and he was the only president from Missouri he was the 33 president. He dropped atomic bombs on Japan and ended world war 2. He suddenly died in 1972 on December 26 the day after Christmas he lived from 1884 to 1972. He was only 88.

The Busch stadium

The Busch stadium's first pitch was from Mark Mulder to Brady Clark and it happened a 3:14 P.M. and also it is kinda looks close to the Gateway Arch. They opened the Busch stadium in April 4 2006 it cost them 365 million dollars to build it! imagine spending that much money!

The Gateway arch

The gateway arch only took 2 years to build! from February 12 1963 - October 28 1965. It has stood straight and tall in Missouri for about 50 years, it has had many great reviews and plenty visitors already but it has more to come. It stands 630 feet high and it is 62 acres wide.

The state tree

The state tree is called the Flowering Dogwood tree and it is much more beautiful than you might think. It doesn't look like a dog what so ever but it has beautiful leaves some flowers and it kinds looks like cherries are growing on it but they are actually flowers.

Worlds Of Fun and Oceans Of Fun

Both of these parks are right next to each other and they are a blast during summer and they have a bunch of rides one is something called the Patriot and it's a ride where your feet dangle and you go up side down and they have certain height limit. One of my favorites for Oceans Of Fun is the swimming pool and a little tire ride they had and my family got stuck on a rock but another family helped us get unstuck. It was fun.

The earthquake of 1811

The earthquake had a rating of 8.1 that's a pretty big earthquake. It cut streets and sidewalks in half and it made the sky so dark that lights couldn't help and people could barely breath. Imagine being in that situation.

State animal

The state animal is the Missouri Mule they helped carry supplies for the troops in world war 1 and 2. They are a cross breed between a male donkey and a female horse! They are also related to Zebras but they don't have any stripes. They don't have a very long life in the wild because they only live for 10 - 25 years without any owners and 30 - 50 years with people taking care of them!

The star fossil

The star fossil looks a lot like a starfish and it's not much bigger than a penny and it is also not that bid diameter either. It looks if a starfish was pushed down into the mud at the bottom of the river or ocean and was stuck for a while.