Case Closed!

Jury decides Not Guilty!

Not Guilty!

During this trial, the maid (defendant) was accused of murdering Mr.Strangeway (victim). The evidence in this case helped prove the defendant to be not guilty. The scientific evidence in this trial consisted of sodium carbonate (in laundry detergent) being on the weapon that was used to kill Mr. Strangeway as well as being found on the maids' hands. Although the evidence pointed towards the maid, the defense team was able to pin this case on Jackie Moneypenney, in result of her agreement to the sodium carbonate underneath her nails and her suspicious love affair concerning Mr.Strangeway.

Real CSI

During real CSI cases, scientific evidence is also used and plays a major role in legal trials throughout the world. Different evidences can be used to help solve cases, such as fingerprints, teeth imprints, or DNA. These type of scientific evidences are very reliable and factual, but can sometimes be proven wrong as seen in the real CSI video. Although, in real CSI, they have specialists such as forensic anthropologists that have the ability to compare and determine these specific types of evidence, whereas in this case, the head scientists only found one substance of sodium carbonate and relied mainly on that scientific evidence only.

defendent not guilty!

other points of view

Other witnesses of the trial comment on the scientific process concerning the case.

"The court room was laced with valid arguments from the sides of both the defense and prosecution. In the end, what helped make the final decision seem to me to be the way the scientific evidence was used by each side of the argument. In the end the defense won with their valid information as to their reasoning for the scientific traces left at the scene."

-Caroline O'Connell

"The scientific process affected the trial because the substance found on the rope was also found on the suspects' hands which helped the final verdict of the case."

-Jordan Campbell

Defense wins!

After a long, stressful case, the jury came to the conclusion that the defense obtained a better argument than the prosecution, leading to the maid receiving no charges and leaving the court "not guilty." The jurors came to this decision due to the defense's smart use of scientific evidence, along with reverse psychology in getting Jackie Moneypenney to admit to the sodium carbonate being found under her fingernails, even though it was not in the evidence.