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Take a peek at our upcoming week. September 7, 2015

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to our best to respond within 24 hours.

School Picture Day

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 8am

2225 Kingsley Drive

Pearland, TX

This year the pictures will be taken by Photo Texas. We sent home the Flyer today, Friday September 4, 2015.

Important Dates


    September 7th, Labor Day Holiday- No School

    September 10th, PTO Meeting @6:30

    September 11th, Grandparent's Day Breakfast @ 7:15-8:00 a.m.

    September 14th, Catalog Sales fundraiser Kick-Off event

    September 16th, Fall Individual Pictures

    September 29th, Catalog Fundraiser ends

  • ELAR Focus Wall


    Target Skill: Fiction Story Elements

    - Students are expected to sequence and summarize the plot's main events and explain their influence on the future events.


    - Pronouns and Nouns

    Students are also given a Grammar Homework sheet every Monday that will be due every Friday. This goes along with the mentor sentence we are working on it class.

    Next week our mentor sentence will come from the book Saturdays and Teacakes.

    Word Study

    - Since we have no school Monday, next week our spelling test will be on Wednesday. Your child should be doing their buddy test with you on Tuesday night.

    Each night your child is to bring home their word study notebook.

    Wednesday- New Words are given in class. Flashcards are to be made in their Word Study composition books for homework.

    Thursday- We will work with our words in class. Making connections out of the word study packet is to be done for homework in their Word Study Composition book.

    Friday- Rainbow words for homework.

    Monday- Students create a story using all of their vocabulary words in their notebook.

    Tuesday- Buddy Study (practice test with parent and the parent must sign)

    Wednesday- Test in Class

    The word study will continue this way until further notified.


    Target Skill: Personal Narrative via Kernal Essay.

    Student's are expected to use and understand the different parts of the writing process.

    Math and Science Focus Wall


    In Math we have been practicing Place Value and our Multiplication Facts. Students in 4th grade learn the value of numbers up to the BILLIONS place. This week we started our fact frenzy “tests” every day, as part of our warm up. This is to help us learn and memorize our multiplication facts from 0-12. It is imperative for students to have their facts MEMORIZED, in order to better help them with concepts they will learn in 4th grade and beyond. These “tests” cover one set of facts at a time. All students took their first fact frenzy test on Tuesday, and this test covered only 2’s (ex. 2x0, 2x1, 2x2 etc.). Students get exactly one minute to take the test. Once students truly memorize their facts one minute is more than enough time. In order to move to the next set of facts (3’s) they must make a 100 on the 2’s test. These “tests” will NOT be taken for an actual grade in the gradebook. The purpose is to help them memorize a set of facts before moving on to the next set. If they do not get them all correct OR if they do not answer them all within one minute they will take the same fact frenzy test the next day. They will continue to do the same set until they can answer them all in one minute.

    The best way you can help your child at home with this, is to practice their multiplication facts using flash cards. Even if you practice only 5 minutes a night, it would greatly help your child with this skill. You can purchase flash cards fairly cheap at Walmart or Target (they usually have them in the $1 bins), Dollar Tree typically has them, or you can even make your own using index cards. If you need any help at all getting your hands on a set of flash cards, please let me know.


    These first two weeks we have been setting up our Interactive Science Notebook and reviewing lab safety and science tools. Next week we will test our skills with our first investigation related to various science tools, including using a triple beam balance to measure mass, measuring volume using a graduated cylinder or beaker, and measuring the force of gravity using a spring scale. We will also learn about reading nutrition labels and making inferences from promotional materials. We will soon begin our Weather Unit, including reviewing the water cycle, reading weather maps, and making predictions. In the next few weeks, your child will be asked to watch a nightly weather report and list information on a Weather Log. More details will come in the coming weeks!

    Attention Parents

    Please check your student's planners night.


    Texas History

    The Geography of Texas

    - Locating Texas

    - Texas Resources

    - Texas Climate

    - Texas Plants and Animals

    Charlie Godzilla IV

    Our class pet is in need!! Charlie is so much fun, and the students love him. Hopefully he will be coming to spend the weekend with you soon. However, Charlie has lots of needs and I would absolutely appreciate your help. Charlie always is in need of the following.

    Guinea Pig Food

    There are a few types of Guinea Pig food on the market, Charlie Guinea is not too picky. He loves Red Bell Peppers.



    Guinea Pigs need fresh hay to eat every day, not only does it help keep their teeth short it is also an essential part of their diet. They also LOVE to hide in hay and have it as their bedding.


    This is so important, because the bedding helps absorb the smell and keep Charlie comfortable.

    Vitamin C

    Like humans, guinea pigs don’t produce vitamin C; therefore it has to come from dietary sources. If you feed your furry companions an appropriate amount of fresh produce and high-quality pellets (most are enhanced with vitamin C), it is possible that your guinea pig will get a sufficient amount, but it’s best to provide a supplement.

    Supplements are available in the both liquid and tablet form. The liquid, designed to be added to your pet’s water might seem ideal, but vitamin C breaks down in less than a day when placed in water, making it unlikely that your guinea pig will receive the right amount. Using this method also makes it almost impossible to tell how much is actually being consumed.

    Also, last year Charlie was given a traveling cage. Throughout the year the cage has lost pieces and does not stay together as well. If anyone has one to donate that would be with transporting him to and from school as well.

    Thanks again so much!

    Ms. Crook

    Birthday Celebrations

    Birthday Celebrations:

    We are excited for your child’s birthday and want the day to be as special as possible! If your child is choosing to bring a treat to share with classmates, in celebration of his/her birthday, please note the following details:

    We allow students to distribute these items immediately following, or during, recess. This means that the items must be delivered to the school BY 12:00pm, on that day. As we do not have a way to cut anything, please ensure that the treats selected are store bought, “single serve”, and do not require cutting. Suggested items include: cupcakes, donuts, cookies (not a cookie cake), etc. Additionally, please be mindful of allergies related to nuts and ensure that the items DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS! Including napkins with the treats would also be greatly appreciated. In order to assist you with the quantities needed, please note we have 22 students in each of our classes

    Wilder Elementary

    Hours of Operation:

    Doors open: 7:15am

    Breakfast: 7:15am-7:50am

    Instructional Hours: 8am-3:25pm

    Dimissal begins: 3:25pm