#Learning in Room 101

Newsletter for the week of September 19th

What are we learning this week?

Reader's Workshop: After spending a few more days on visualizing, we will move on to asking and answering questions.

Writer's Workshop/Social Studies: We will publish our personal narratives, at the beginning of the week and move on to our Famous Missourians projects.

Social Studies: Our social studies content will be covered during Reader's and Writer's Workshop over the next few weeks. We will continue to learn about Lewis and Clark, discuss the Civil War, and begin our research projects. Students will receive more information on Wednesday.

Science: We will continue to learn about plants.

Students will be able to...

  • Describe the basic needs of most plants (i.e., air, water, light, nutrients, temperature

  • Identify the major organs (roots, stems, flowers, leaves) and their functions in vascular plants (e.g., absorption, transport, reproduction)

  • Illustrate and trace the path of water and nutrients as they move through the transport system of a plant

  • Recognize plants progress through life cycles of seed germination, growth and development, reproduction and death.

  • Sequence and describe the stages in the life cycle of a flowering plant

  • Identify and relate the similarities and differences between plants and their offspring (i.e., seedlings).

Health: Students will be able to define reduce, reuse and recycle.

Math: Chapter 3 Subtraction

Objectives for the week:

Students will...

Monday: 3.2 Estimate differences using rounding to the nearest ten or hundred.

Tuesday: 3.3 Determine where an estimate or an exact estimate is needed to solve a problem.

Wednesday 3.4 Model subtraction with regrouping.

Thursday 3.5 Subtract three digit numbers with regrouping.

Friday 3.6 Subtract Four Digit Numbers


Optional Math Homework: Math homework can be found online.

Incomplete/Missing Assignments: Students will utilize their planners to keep track of missing or incomplete assignments. Students should place an H (homework) or an I (incomplete) by assignments they need to finish at home. I hope this helps.