Earobics Update

-Earobics Implementation Reference for Akron Public Schools

For assistance with Earobics:

Contact email server earobics@akron.k12.oh.us

General Information

Earobics is a research-based Pre-K through 3rd grade reading intervention program that provides opportunities for students to receive additional individualized instruction in the area of phonological awareness while on the computer or other web-based device. The Earobics program also contains specific activities that target auditory processing.

Earobics Login Information for Educators and Students:

Open a web browser and type the following numbers into the address bar with no "www" prior to it.

Foundations (Pre-K-1st grade)

Connections (2nd-3rd grade)

**most APS computers already have the link on the desktop!

Enter the following information for students to login-

Username: student id with no leading zeros

Password: student id with no leading zeros