Stephen Biko

By: Sheila Synan

Who is Stephen Biko?

Stephen Biko is one of five children and became a very studious young adult. At the age of four, Steve lost his father Mzingaye, leaving his mother to take over. In school, Stephen was a very academically gifted and worked well with others. As he grew up he became interested in politics and ended up playing a major role in creating SASO (South Africa Students Organization). He was elected the first president of the SASO group and played the leadership role in leading the anti-aptheid movement through SASO. His life fell short at the age of 31 when he was tortured in prison and left on the floor of the cell to die.

Stephen Biko and the Anti-Apartheid Movement

With the creation of SASO, Biko created even more organizations that helped take part in the anti-apartheid movement that helped create a change. The SASO group included Black students and any others in the anti-apartheid movement. This organization focused on the Black solidarity and "Black Consciousness". This movement was focusing on the life style of people and trying to improve their conditions. This included, the education of the people and their heath problems. SASO unified the people and tried to create a mass movement to take a stand. SASO also included other organizations but later got banned because it was seen as a threat.
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In this video clip Steve Biko talks about his views and plans of action in an interview.
Steve Biko - rare TV interview


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